Which TV should my parents get (HDTV)?

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    My parents are going to be purchasing a HDTV from my job on Sunday and they're torn between these two sets. And these are the only two they are considering, so please don't say get a Pioneer Elite or Mitsu Diamond.

    Samsung HCM-5525W


    Mistubishi WS-A55

    Both are 55" sets Samsung is around $1600 (pre-tax) and the Mitsu is around $1800. One thing I do like is that the Mitsu has 3 component hookups, which do 480/1080i, while the Samsung only has one while the other just does 480p.

    Here is what they need.
    1. Component hookups for Panny RP-82
    2. Enough hookups for Karoake, VCR, etc.
    3. Cost really isn't that much of an issue, just would like to keep total cost under $2500.

    Also they are considering the Mitsu WS-B55. This adds an integrated over the air HDTV receiver, more hookups, and IEEE1394. This is $2300 or so. The only concern I have is that at their house they don't even have good cable, simply have the most basic cable (local channels and TBS). Is it worth the extra money for this set? Which do you think we should get? Thanks a lot guys.
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    And then, it's hopefully a matter of getting a decent OTA HDTV signal with an antenna (should you get with an integrated HDTV tuner model). That's where the rest of the challenge will lie once you get the TV in the house.
    You should check out:
    and see what sort of antenna you'll need for your parent's area.

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