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Which system(s)? for $1000 (1 Viewer)

Jason Kim

Nov 20, 2006
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Hey everyone,
I was wondering what a good home theater system would be for around $500-$1500. I heard the home theater in a box are not worth it, and it is better to buy everything separately. I do not know what to look for because i am new to the whole home theater scene. Sorry for sounding dumb. What brands, and what kind of hardware do i need to start a home theater system. I am looking for one for watching normal tv, sports, movies, and games (ps3 in the future). I wanted the best sound i can get for a decent price. thanks!

John Brill

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Nov 3, 2003
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Speakers: HSU Ventriloquist VT-12 6 speaker set $299 ($199 if ordered with sub)
Sub: HSU STF-2 $399
Receiver: NAD T743 $600 or Yamaha RX-V557/559 $450

May want to consider receivers from Denon, Marantz, H/K, Panasonic XR, or Pioneer as well.

You'll also need a DVD player but the options are way too numerous to list and this is the wrong forum :)

Jason Kim

Nov 20, 2006
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Will an XBOX be acceptable for a dvd player? I am planning on buying a ps3 by next year.


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Mar 26, 2006
Just forget all this branding thing.
Each person has their own brand in which they will defend, or call to for many a reason.

Yes separates will sound better than most all, all in one systems.

Receiver wise
Anything thats watt rated wise 20 kHz-20,000 Hz.
And then watch the back panel. If one says it uses 4 amp and the other 300 watts, but both are rated lets say 50 watts a channel, chances are the 4 amp is more true to its actual power rating. These are ll kinds of reasons for these discrepancies, but one using more power will more times than not, output more power.

Speakers- Well there are all kinds of brands and all kinds of costs.
Inwalls are not first suggested by many. One major flaw that stands outis the fact its attached to the walling. Sound travels and is changed by this fact so unless its a must for room, not to highly suggested.
Other than that point, take your choice.
Go out and listen to as many as you can, make your own decisions, its your EAR and WALLET, not ours.
Maybe look for ones you can try out and return if you dont like them, is the best suggestion. But for at least 3 weeks using them alot. Breaking them in does change the sound quality enough to notice.

DVD players, progressive at least as a feature, the rest is up to you.

No cheap wires, good sized, meaning that meet minimals requirements.
No fancy ones that say Audiophile on the package, or Monster like naming.

Ebay and the net are your friend. Just make sure the Ebay rating exceeds 98%, their feedback suggests they sell this stuff all the time. Or has some kind of return policy in case of DOA.
There are alot of net stores, since they dont have the overhead, can save you some big bucks.Test it out in your local area and then buy in online to save. Even Circuit City and Best Buy local stores etc, are cheaper to buy online then pick up.

I did a complete, what would be considered mid level system, COMPLETE, without the TV included for under $700 all on the net, shipping included.

Not recommending anything, just a example.

Onkyo Integra 6.3 receiver- $80
AMC CD6, CD player-$100
Polk Audio R-30's_ $80
Rolk CSI30- $40
Polk RT25I- $40

That was the Ebay hit list.

Dayton Sub kit and Tang Band Driver- $165
Oppo 971H DVD player- $214

From Parts Express and Oppo online.

Mono Price cables made up the rest.

If everything was new, it would have been twice this amount and everything that was used was in near new shape.Returned one set of speakers to and ebayed due to they has noise issues, other than that, happy..

Remember its YOUR WALLET and YOUR EARS and EYES, not ours!!!

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