Which svs to get?

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  1. JoelM

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    I'm not even thinking ss or ultra so those are out of the question. The CS+ seems to be the best route if your going with 2 (doesn't make sense to buy a 1000 amp and use only half the power.) I am leaning toward (2)CS+. PCI could be a good move but the pci plus is right around the corner(what will this include? A bigger amp? Different driver?) And as far as freq. I have no idea. Maybe 20 would be a good tradeoff. 16 is low but not as loud. 25 is higher but louder then the 20. Those freq. are felt more then heard anyway. One last thing which model is the most recent CS+ or PCI thanks?
  2. Dustin B

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    Mar 10, 2001
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    PCi is the most recent. But that has nothing to do with which is better. The PCi, CS, CS+ and Ultra all use the same enclosures (same endcaps, same bases, same finish, just the 3 different heights and tunings within each model, excluding the Ultra). The PCi and CS us a single 4" port while the CS+ and Ultra use three 3" ports. The different models use different drivers though. In order of output capability of the SVS drivers, it goes like this.

    Original CS/PC (no longer used)

    ISD (current CS/PCi driver)


    Original Ultra driver (no longer used)

    SS (now being used in the Ultra as well)

    I think TV said the CS+ are capable of 4-5dB more output than the CS/PCi and the Ultra is capable of 7-8dB more output than the CS/PCi.

    Power wise, the PCi has 320W (BASH plate amp), CS has 350W (S700), CS+/Ultra get 500W (S1000). The power difference between the PCi and CS won't make an audible difference (takes twice as much power to get a 3dB increase, so you will see less than a dB difference between the two). The more power with the higher output driver of the CS+ will be noticable.

    I'd email Tom with budget, room dimensions, performance goals and whether you may want to upgrade later. He won't steer you wrong.
  3. Tom Vodhanel

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    Hi Joel,
    Dustin pretty much nailed it [​IMG]
    If we had your room dimensions and performance desires(do you want the system to be reference level capable for example)...we'll be able to make some good suggestions.
    The PC+ will be the powered version of the CS+ models. Our proprietary dB12 driver with around 550-600w of BASH amp.
    I would guess 8 more weeks until those begin shipping.

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