Which surround setup will sound the best for 7.1?

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    Well here's the scoop. I have the Swan Diva 6.1 package which include the 2 dipole surrounds. I'm going to buy 2 more for the back and want to know which is the best setup for surround.

    1.) 2 dipoles on the side + 2 dipole in the rear
    2.) 2 dipoles on the side + 2 direct in the rear
    3.) 2 direct on the side + 2 dipole in the rear

    Thanks for the help
  2. BrianWoerndle

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    Feb 19, 2002
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    It depends on several factors. 1st, do you have a big room, or small room? 2nd, what are your listening preferences, Music or HT?

    I prefer option #2 for a 7.1 setup. It is useful in several ways. When watching a 5.1 movie you can use the dipoes on the sides, and not use the rears. For 6.1 you use the 2 rears together. Unless your rear wall is very long, monopoles should fill the space just fine, especially with dipoles on the sides. The second reason I like option #2 is for music (Which I am about 70/30 Music/HT) When listening to multichannel music, you want the monopole rears. Monopoles are much better for music. This configuration is the most versital for different situations.

    I would only get option 1 if you have a very big room and are mostly HT.
    I would only get option 3 if you can not properly place the dipole sides.

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