Which sub would you buy?

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  1. JamieZ

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    Jan 3, 2002
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    I am down to 2 subs. I either want the jbl pb 10 or the jbl pb 12. I only have a 11' x 13' room so I am thinking of getting the pb 10. Plus I do not really have enough money to buy the pb 12. So what do you all think. Remember I still need to buy cable.


  2. Sebastian

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    Apr 14, 2002
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    Have you looked into the Sony SA WM-40 sub? I heard it is better that the PB-10 and commparable to the PB-12 with some simple mods.
    here is part of the review:
    "We directly compared this sub to more expensive JBL PB10 sub and a Polk PSW150 sub. No comparison. The JBL seemed to have a little "tighter" hit, but it couldn't compare to the amount of sound from the Sony. The only performance knock we could find on the Sony is some distortion when pushed to high volume levels. We experimented, running the Sony with a different external amp, and it did help some but it became obvious that the woofer and amplifier were both part of the distortion level."
    Actual review
    Sony sub
    If those are only two choices than you have answered your own question the PB-10 (money)
  3. Tom Vodhanel

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    Don't spend a lot on the cable either. If you have any spare 3m lengths of composite video cable(maybe one came packed in with a VHS or DVD player?)...go ahead and use that.

    Check with onecall.com too, they had JBL D112s on closeout a while back for $149.


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