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Which sub to compliment my AV1s (1 Viewer)


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Mar 9, 2002
What sub should i get to compliment my gr av1's?

My amp (yamaha rv1105) has a fixed 90hz cutoff for the sub.

Im looking at the Adire Tempest and Shiva, blueprint 1201, and Dayton DVC 12, 15". Size is also a concern. 6ft^3 would be the max volume. Im powering it with a PE 250W Amp.

Which sub should i choose and why?

Kerry Hackney

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Oct 18, 2000
Alex> A lot depends on what your priorities are. If your a big movie type I would go with a Shiva in an Extended Bass Shelf alignment (EBS)

The mid Q design for Tempest (Q=0.707) is a traditional Butterworth alignment. This alignment provides the flattest bandwidth extension, without any peaks in

the response. This alignment is arguably the most popular of all sealed alignments, because it promises extended bass response with good transient response. While not having the low group delay “tight sound” of the low Q design, nor the “mid bass punch” of the high Q design, the mid Q design is a very good compromise between the two, being equally adept at reproducing Handel or Hendrix.

The mid Q design is a net 122L (4.3 ft3) cabinet. It is stuffed with 32 ounces of polyfill. It’s external dimensions are 25.5” tall, 21.5” wide, and 21.5” deep. This

includes the height from 4” tall legs. The Tempest is mounted on the bottom, downfiring. Three internal braces are used to stiffen the cabinet, and keep the widest panel span to a very good 9.75” or less. Recommended building materials are void free plywood (such as marine ply, apple ply, or baltic birch), MDF,

and particleboard, in that order.
For bang for the buck it is hard to argue with the Adire drivers. For one thing they don't require huge amounts of power and they can work well in the size you require. Are there others that are good options? Sure, but there are probably more Adire DIYs than most of them. One reason is that they continue to satisfy the owners and Dan and company continue to support what they sell.

Oh yeah, and take a look at the one Jeffery built on his thread. It looks sweeeeettt.

jeff lam

Jun 4, 2001
San Jose, CA
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Jeff Lam
Maybe a low Q sealed 15" DVC would be good for you. Can be used in a smaller box than the tempest.

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