Which speakers to build?

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  1. Chuck Bogie

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    Jan 14, 2003
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    Okay - I've figured out some stuff regarding speaker kits, etc...

    Now, I'd like to replace my Infinity Entra Two and Entra Center front speaks with some nice full range "large" speakers, and make another pair for the surrounds. Since I'm an advocate of "buy the best and cry once," I'm probably gonna drop some change - probably about $300/speaker or so, not counting MDF and finishing. I don't want to model my own crossovers, etc. - don't have the time, nor actually the particular inclination, so proven designs are a heavy plus...

    So, what can y'all recommend? The buzz from the DIY area seems to range from "this is technically excellent" to "you can spend days and days getting this to work, and isn't that incredible" but hey, I wanna know what WORKS, build it, and then enjoy it for some time to come.

    Size/spousal acceptance factor is NOT a problem. Receiver will be a Denon 1803. Would prefer to be able to run the speakers as "large" for music.

    So, what do you guys like in a home-built home theater speaker? Is there a "rocket killer" out there?
  2. Chris Tsutsui

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    HT speaker I like sensitivity for dynamics, and the ability to reproduce crisp up front details without fatigue.

    You can build a pair of GR-research AV-1+ for under $400. Or if you want something that can get loud and looks ugly you could get the Adire HE12.1, I think the AV-1+ should be more musical sounding while the HE12 has better sensitivity.

    Of course there are other DIY brands out there and many different price ranges. The hardest part is finding feedback and reviews on them though.

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