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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by sally, Oct 7, 2005.

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    hello,i have a yamaha 640rds amp and kef pod speakers,sometimes the amp cuts out if the volume is too high(not actually VERY loud)and a msg says to check speaker wires,so i have,several times but it keeps happening.Anyway,the speaker wires are fairly basic,and i was wondering whether it was worth getting better ones,and if so,what sort?
    I'm a complete starter,so sorry 4 very basic question,but very grateful for any advice
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    Hi Sally. Welcome to HTF.

    First - your amp is shutting off because it it is sending too-much power to the speakers. This is often caused by a few strands of copper on one or the other end creating a short circuit. (This is why the reciever says to check the wires).

    Please make sure you have LOTS of space above and around your receiver to allow it to cool. These over-power situations generate a lot of heat and you could damage the electronics if you dont have enough ventilation.

    Next - it's not about the wires or the perceived quality - its about how neat and safe do you have them wired up.

    Go to radio shack and pick up 1 pair of the MegaCable Dual-banana plugs (278-308):


    Bring them home and see if they will fit the spacing on your speakers or receiever. If so, buy one pair for each speaker and use the side hole for the bare-copper, but only enough that you DONT have strands sticking out the other side to cause a short.

    If the dual-bananas dont fit, or you dont like how much they stick out, try the single-bananas (278-306):

    You un-screw the plug, shove wire up the back end and fold short copper strands over the top. Then you screw the banana part back on and you have a neat and clean connection.

    There are 2 more things you can do:

    - Make sure you have defined all your speakers as SMALL. Check the Yamaha manual and you will see that you can define each speaker as LARGE or SMALL. Small speakers are what you have and this will keep the reciever from sending massive power to your small speakers thinking you have a full-sized woofer.

    - Turn down the volume. Sorry, but turning the volume way up will over-drive the speakers, generate heat, and cause the reciever to shut down.

    Hope this helps and let us know what solution works/does not work for you.

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