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Which Show has Jumped the Shark? (1 Viewer)

Michael Hughes

Second Unit
Mar 14, 2003
I know there is a website dedicated to this subject of when the moment a show goes downhill termed "Jumping the Shark", but thought I would toss it here for discussion as well regarding this years shows. The topic came up with the Ed renewal thread that the Ed and Carol's final "moment" of getting together might have been when it jumped the shark, if it gets renewed, I disagree.

But would offer another show that jumped the shark this year:

Everybody Loves Raymond: Comedies normally have a longer shelf life than dramas and can definitely go over 5 years if done right, but Raymond now in its 8th year has just plain old ran out of gas. Not sure of a defining Jump the Shark moment, but may pin it on the two month story arc of Debora and Ray's Mom not talking to each other.

Any other thoughts on this years shows for Jumping the Shark?

Jason Seaver

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1997
I thought Buffy Jumped the shark in season 4, thats when I left the show anyway
Yeah, but the way longtime fans of the show have turned on Buffy en masse is staggering. They (okay, we) have gotten vicious when talking about it.

There's a certain segment of its fans that feels Alias has, possibly twice.

One that might not get a lot of mention is The Agency. Its second season doesn't seem to be nearly as smart as the first.


Supporting Actor
Apr 5, 2002
Weren't a number of people saying after this season's The Soprano's , that they were losing interest because the series wasn't as exciting as the previous seasons? It seems like the first 3 seasons were it's best.

Martin Rendall

Dec 5, 2000
Alias jumped twice this season. Which is to say, the crappy show which ensued after the SD6 went away jumped again on Sunday, to produce what I suspect will be an even sillier show next season.

I think Angel jumped the shark when teenage Conner showed up.


Joel C

Oct 23, 1999
I think the term Jumped the Shark, has jumped the shark.
I said that during the fans reaction to the Alias post-Bowl episode. I *cannot stand* that idiotic phrase. It hasn't been clever for years.

I'm also not really of the mind that you can point to a singular moments where a show stops being good. For Buffy, it was a gradual descent with a few peaks and deep valleys, but there was never a moment where I would consider stopping watching (well, maybe the "Giles ducked" thing).


Stunt Coordinator
Oct 24, 2002
I agree some shows have Jump the Shark moments and others just detiorate in quality, or run on too long.

For Buffy, the shark moment was Buffy and Spike having sex.

For Law and Order, I just decided one day I couldn't watch it anymore. It was predictable. I'd seen every possible plot scenario and I wanted to remember it as the excellent show it used to be. Also, the replacement cast members kept getting worse and not better. I missed Mike and Adam.

For Enterprise, I gave it a chance because it was Trek but bailed toward the end of the first season.

Jack's dying and amazing recovery was a silly moment of 24 but not a jump by any means.

I've watched a few of The Agency. So-so. I liked it the first couple times, but I can see the formula pretty clearly now. I think it may be a good one to watch every few episodes.

That's about it for me for primetime. My DVD and XBOX are pretty tough competition.


Supporting Actor
May 31, 2002
I don't agree that Angel has jumped the shark. Don't get me wrong. I hate Connor as much as anyone. But IMO, it's gotten better each season.

Buffy jumped the shark when she died the second time. Despite the back-to-back brilliance of "Once More With Feeling" and "Tabula Rasa" the following year, it's never really recovered.

24 probably jumped the shark when Kim encountered the mountain lion. I keep hoping that was actually an episode of Fox's Man vs. Beast we saw.

Alias may have jumped the shark with the fall of SD-6. It recovered at the end of this season, and the cliffhanger surprised the hell outta me. But right now if J.J. Abrams isn't careful, this show could turn into a complete joke with the Rambaldi storyline.

Rob P S

Senior HTF Member
Mar 22, 2002
Real Name
Boston Public, when Jeri Ryan's lawyer/teacher/social worker character was suddenly promoted to vice-principal, when poor Danny and Marla had to pretend to have the hots for each other, when Steven was charged with murder, when they started casting ex-teen idols, rappers, and American Idol rejects, when Danny was saddled with a sappy subplot about his druggie sister and her daughter, when Marla had the romance with the midget from Austin Powers...I don't think this show will last much longer.


Senior HTF Member
Apr 1, 2000
I said that during the fans reaction to the Alias post-Bowl episode. I *cannot stand* that idiotic phrase. It hasn't been clever for years.
I'm certainly glad to read that I'm not the only one who simply cannot stand the phrase.

I think what gets me more is when people use it and it is obvious they think they are so sophisticated because they use it.


Second Unit
Nov 2, 2002
Angel, when demons were orignally secretive and in the background out of site and then all of a sudden they run nightclubs and walk around in public.

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