Which reciever to buy?

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    Sep 13, 2001
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    (firstly the thoughts of every here in the UK are with those affected by this weeks events)
    I am poised to purchase a new amp but I am stuck as to which one to buy.
    I think I have narrowed my choice to two, the Denon 1802 (about to be released in the UK) and the Onkyo 595.
    I believe from an American nieghbour of mine that both brands are well respected in the US, so I was hoping for some help from you guys.
    I would appreciate anyones feedback on the following:
    A. The sound quality of the two,both with movie and music playback.
    B. The features of each.
    C. The build quality and reliability of each.
    D. Any other comments or alternative suggestions.
    The new amp will be replacing the current pro-logic Harman Kardon in my system comprising of a Pioneer DVD player and Mirage Speaker system.
    Your help will be much appreciated.......
  2. Ryan Schnacke

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    Feb 5, 2001
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    A. The Onkyo is pretty neutral and very clean. But a lot of folks here like the Denons better for music. So I'd give a slight advantage to the 1802 here.
    B. The 595 has a great remote. Lots of buttons, learning functions and macros. Its just not backlighted. But the 595 has no pre-amp outputs (other than subwoofer out). The 1802 has pre-amp outputs for the front 3 channels. But its remote isn't as nice. I think those are the big differences.
    C. Both companies are known for building quality products. There was some initial concern when the 595 and 696 were introduced because the weighed less than their predecessors and they have impedance switches and there was a review where the 696's measured power output was less than spectacular. But I've heard few complaints from owners. And my 595 plays with authority.
    D. They're both good receivers. If you think you might want to try separate amplification then the 1802 is a no-brainer. You can always buy a better remote for it.
    There are moments when the upgraditis gets me thinking that I should have bought a receiver with pre-outs. But then I remember that I've never run out of power with the 595. I could probably use another SVS for my large room, but the receiver always has plenty of juice even for my fairly low sensitivity speakers (set to small).
  3. Brian Mansure

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    I have no direct experience with either reciever but check out www.audioreview.com for reviews on both of these recievers.
    Good Luck.
    "If I'm not back in 10 minutes... just wait longer."
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    Aug 6, 2001
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