which receiver goes with JBL NSP1 ?????????

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  1. Chris s l

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    Mar 7, 2002
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    i'm getting the jbl nsp1 speakers, now i need to decide on Receiver and Woofer. please help me decide
    my budget is upto $700

    first i thought i decided h/k avr120(around $200-250) for the receiver but after reading some posts here ang there, its kinda doubt me.
    what r some good receivers that u guys recommend?(denon seems popular but newer models are coming out then the price will drop shortly)

    for the woofer most people like the sony ones, is that the best choice?

  2. Pablo Abularach

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    May 27, 2002
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    Welcome to HTF,

    Is the $700 for the sub and receiver or are you including the speakers?

    If you have $700 for reciever and sub, you can go with an OKKYO SR600 or a Pioneer 811S, and go for a PB10 or a PB12, or even the sony is good entry level sub.

    But it you have a $700 for all, check the pioneers 811S, 711. And check sony subs, you can get the NPS1 for $200 in J&R.

    Check the reviews about the Pionner 811S, there are many happy users here.

    Read all the reviews that Phil has given to NSP1, you will find many choices there also.

    Hope this helps
    Pablo Abularach
  3. TomMadden

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    Jun 23, 2002
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    Check out the h/k AVR 320. You can probably get it for around $500 or less if you shop around. It's a much more capable machine than the 120. I have an AVR 520 and I really like it.

    As for a sub, I listened to that budget Sony sub that folks around here are talking about, mainly to hear what the buzz is all about. I would agree with the above post - for the money, it's a great little sub.

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