Which Plinius integrated amp?

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    May 10, 2002
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    I'm getting ready to purchase a Plinius integrated amp for my Silverline Sonatina's and have a few questions. I looked at audiogon and saw differient types of plinius integrateds
    8150 modded to 8200?

    I'm so confused on which one to get, since people on audioreview say the 8150 is better and the others say the 8200 is better. I didn't see anything on the 8100. I like to have more power like the 8200, but it's expensive and price is an important factor. I saw the 8100 for under $1000, but I don't know what the power rating is since the website doesn't list it. The Sonatina's don't need alot of power to make them loud since it has a 93db sensitivity rating. Which one should I get? As of now I have the jolida 302a tube amp, but I love how the pilnius sa-250 amp sounded with the Sonatina's when Alan gave me a demo. Also Alan owner of Silverline audio reccomends plinius product SS amps for his speakers.
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    I own a 8150 - past 2 yrs. I have asked the Plinius people in NZ (actual manufacturer/designers) about future upgrade to the 8200 - they said it would be better to add the new power amp 8200P and use the 8150 as pre amp - which is saying a lot for the 8150.
    Main gains from going to 8200 would be slightly better phono stage(if u own a t'table) and extra 25 W /ch - 150W to 175W/ch.
    On the other hand , if this is your 1st plinius & if u can get the 8150 at a great price , u will not regret it.
    BTW, the 8150 in NZ is equiv to $1300-1500 US so under $1000 US would cheaper than buying it new here - ie. a damn good deal.
    Hope this helps.

    PS their SS line is reference range if u can hog the cash & depending on your spkr resolution and front end.

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