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Which one to buy?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Chris Moore, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. Chris Moore

    Chris Moore Auditioning

    Nov 26, 2004
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    I'm in the market to upgrade my DVD player. I have narrowed my search down by reading as many online reviews as possible, but now my problem is basically to buy a progressive scan machine or a regular player, i think called interlaced, my head is swimming from all the reviews. The issue is that I'm running a CRT projector that I'm doubling with a DVDO Iscan Plus. If I buy a progressive scan machine I will just be turning off the progressive signal and using a standard one. I do not want to eliminate the Iscan because I will lose the doubling for TV and VCR. I could run a separate feed to the projector just for DVD, but not an easy task were it is a finish room and the projector is ceiling mounted.

    The player's I'm considering are the

    Pioneer Elite DV-38a
    Sony DVP-9000es

    or save some money

    Pioneer Elite DV-09
    Sony DVP-7700

    The older machines I would have to buy used which does not bother me. My set up is for video only and I listen to little to no music, therefore the SACD feature of the 9000 is not a huge benefit. So, to buy progressive scan or not, that is the question.

    If it makes a difference my set up contains

    Lexicon MC-1 processor
    Marantz MA-500 monoblocks (X 5)
    Atlantic Technologies 370THX speakers complete with 372 PBM
    Infinity BU-1 Sub (secondary)
    Sony VPH-1272 projector
    DVDO Iscan Plus
    Draper Shadow Box Clarion with M1300 screen
    Monster Power HTS-5000 power conditioner

    Few more pieces that are not significant to this discussion. Another problem is that I live in a small city and the players above are available through special order only, therefore a home audition would not be available.

    Anyway, opinions welcomed.
  2. Mike-grouse

    Mike-grouse Stunt Coordinator

    Jun 17, 2002
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    I think you've already answered you question but I will opine...

    Get a p-scan dvd player and run it directly through to the CRT. Less conversion from digital-anolog-digital-anolog changes to digital-anolog with the direct line. Use the DVDO for the other.

    Your problem, you will need to buy a good progressive scan unit so that DVD player will surpass the DVDO. One that just came into a price reduction is the Toshiba 9200. Frickin awesome audio and awesome video to boot. Was $1600 is now $500 at many online retailer.

    Get this and you won't be sorry. 2 of my friends bought one after seeing and hearing about mine.

    Stay away from sony, they blur the image to smooth out rough edges, but it just ends up looking blurry compared to other. Proof of this is The Perfect Visions reveiw of sony's vs panasonic cheap p-scan dvd player. THey said the panasonic was notably sharper.

    Anyway hope this helps and good luck.

    It kicks.

    Have fun and I hope this helps.

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