Which one ? onkyo 901 ? 803 ? 703 ?!

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Pablo_B, Mar 4, 2006.

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    Hello !

    My Name is Pablo, I´m from Brazil, and have a question about a choice
    to make.

    First of all... I would like to buy a receiver with the Nettune Feature... But Here in Brazil the onkyo products arrive with a huge lag... So... Although we have the onkyo nr1000, nr901 and onkyo 703,
    we don´t have the 803...

    Now... the problem... I sold my old receiver and went to a store to buy a new one... I asked for onkyo 801... but I was told that it has been discontinued... And I receive de following purposal : the Store give me the 703 model... while I wait some one with nettune arrive...

    I Really enjoyned the 703 model... But, no Nettune...

    Yesterday, I was told that the 901 model has arrived... So, I have 2 choices :

    a) give back my 703, pay the difference and take the 901
    b) wait a other model...

    the problem is : the 901 isn´t THX Select2 and doesn´t have VLShaping circuit either HDMI... while my 703 has this features... The problem is... 901 although looks obsolete is much more expensive...
    I can wait for the 803 model, that have HDMI... but doesn´t have nettune... I Was told that here in Brazil we won´t receive the 803 model, but the 804 model... which I don´t know the specifications...

    What to do ? Invest a lot of money to buy a 901 ? What is the difference to to so expensive if doesn´t have a lot of features ?!

    Thank you all
    Pablo Bioni
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    Are you quite sure that the nr901 doesn't have this "VLShaping?" The page does say that it's "available in select markets". And therein lies the rub: onkyo's designs vary from market to market, so there's no particular guarantee that brazil's 803 will contain the same features as usa's model.

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