Which ONE cable for Canare tools/connectors?

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    Hi all,
    I am interested in making DIY cables. My first exposure to this idea was Chris White's site. He recommends Canare tools, connectors, and cable, and warns that other cable may not work with this setup. Some posts on this forum seem to contradict this. I also checked out the Max Rochlin Memorial Cable, which uses Canare connectors on Belden 1505A.
    My question is this: If I want to...
    * use the Canare stripping/crimping tools
    * use Canare crimp-on connectors
    * not do any soldering
    * make audio interconnects
    * make subwoofer cables
    * make digital audio cables
    * make composite video cables
    * make component video cables
    * make cable/sat/ant cables (F-type connector)
    * and only buy one type of cable...
    ...what kind of cable should i get? I am looking for the highest-quality cable for the above tools/process. It is feasible to use the same type for all these applications? Any comments about crimping dies, connector model numbers, etc. would be appreciated.
  2. Rob Lloyd

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    Mar 22, 2001
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    I used Chris White's ideas and made all my cables from the Canare LV-77S and the RCAPC-77 connectors. I did buy the Canare tools too. They all worked great except the stripper - I had to adjust it a bit w/ the supplied allen wrench. It was cutting too deep. But a 1/2 turn fixed it up. I'm still waiting for my new receiver to show up, but on the TV and TiVo the cables work great.
    I bought everything from but did find betting pricing from Zack's (I don't think it's Zacks anymore though). But I got the connectors for [email protected] I think when I got 10.
    With the shrink tubing and Techflex (generic stuff from Markertek not actual TechFlex) it looks great too.

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