Which models have 2 Piece Cabinet Designs?

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    I know this is a somewhat unusual feature to be needing in a HDTV set. However, I live on the 3rd floor of a house and I have about 8' between the door to my apartment and the wall opposite it. That being said I was intrigued by the Mits units that have the 2 piece cabinet design. With this I should be able to get even a 73" 16:9. The current models that have this featured at Tweeters are :65869, 65909 and 73909.
    I don't want to purchase a 45" TV now due to my limited space and then purchase a 65" a few years later. I would rather make a smart purchase that will last for years.
    Are there any other manufacturers besides Mits that offers the 2 piece cabinet feature? Am I losing anything by getting a model with this feature? It appears that the screen and the base are the two separate components so there shouldn't be any major wiring issues, etc?
    In addition to Tweeters I have also in my area The Wiz, Cicuit City, Best Buy and Bernie's so that should cover virtually all the brands currently available.
    Thanks in advance for any opinions. [​IMG]
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    I only know about the Mits because I have one...the 65-inchers on up have the two cabinet design. There is no wiring between the two cabinets.
    The only thing you miss with the two-cabinet design is the chance of carrying a 400-pound television up the stairs. [​IMG]
    - Steve

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