Which Mirages for surround (an rear)???

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  1. George Kouzev

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    Jun 30, 1997
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    I have a pair of Mirage M5 speakers on the front and a Mirage MCsi in the center. I am about to change my side surround (PSB Alphas) with one of the following:

    - Mirage OM-R2, an omnipolar surround.
    - Mirage Omni sats, a very cool looking and relatively small piece with the widest possible radiation pattern

    My HT room dimensions are 12x29x9' as the fronts are positioned across the 12' side. I currently use multichannel for movies only but SACD/DVD-A player is coming soon too.

    I would place the PSBs as rears (in my future 7.1 setup) but may go Mirage all the way.

    Any advise will be appreciated.


  2. Anthony Lengyel

    Jan 28, 2003
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    I just bought the Omni FX for the rears. They best matched my Monitor 7's from Paradigm and I like the fact that they disperse the sound in a 360 degree manner.

    They sounded the best from all the rear speakers I listened to. They remind me of the Paradigm rears but alittle cheaper. They look very cool too [​IMG]
  3. MikeH1

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    I have the Om-R2 for about 2 years now and I like them a lot. But I do have some issues, mainly placement.

    The design of these speakers requires perfect placement. The way the tweeters are angled it can make a big difference. To use these effectively (and going by dolby labs recomendation for rears) you want a rear wall behind your seating area for these particular speakers so the one angled tweeter can bounce off it. Truly, these speakers are great rears but room design plays a key role in getting the most out of them. I have had these speakers in a few different set ups as I have moved into new places and they always sound way different each time. The last place I had a rear wall for like half the room width, so basicly the left speaker had something to bounce off of while the right didn't. I always could tell...the left was more spacious and more pronounced. The worst part was, other than changing the volume/delay levels within the amp for the rears (but of course this didnt cure the radiation pattern of these speakers) there was nothing i could do, I had them set up quite ideally.

    If you go with these I recommend highly you move them around finding the perfect spot before doing anything permanent.

    Also, keep in mind their cut off at 80 cycles.

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