Which is a good receiver?

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  1. perrin

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    Sep 15, 2001
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    Hi, I am new to this forum, and I am trying to decide which is good receiver to buy. I have been reading a lot of reviews from various people about Denon,Onkyo, and Yamaha. I have been looking at Denon's AVR-2802, Onkyo's 787, and Yamaha's RXV1000. They all have some good points and some bad points, but I am looking for a receiver that has 6.1 ES or THX certified with a lot of room for expansion. Does THX really make a difference with movie soundtracks or is it hype? I have read that 6.1 and THX are very much identical.
    I am so confused which is a better buy. I am willing to spend up to $1000 for a good receiver. Can someone give me some help?
  2. Elbert Lee

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    May 24, 2000
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    I would go for the Denon 3802, which should be obtainable for $1000 and should be a step above the others.
  3. Chris PC

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    May 12, 2001
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    I'd choose between the following models:
    Denon 2802 (85 watts per ch)or 3802 (110 watts er ch) or Marantz SR 6200 or 7200 (both 110 watts per ch).
    There are other differences between the receivers above. check em out. Listen to them and decide based on what you hear. I listened to Onkyo, Yamaha and Marantz. I went with the Marantz SR 6200 because it had what I needed and sounded good.
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  4. Anthony Lobo

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    Sep 14, 2001
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    Hi Perrin,
    Marantz, Denon, Integra/Onyko all make good receivers.
    Whenever we recommend receivers for our clients we always look for products that have upgradeability features built into them.
    For example I would first look at whether the receiver will allow for some sort of hardware/software upgradeability to take advantage of changes in surround sound processing modes.
    I would also look for plenty of Audio/Video inputs and outputs so if you add more components in the future your receiver will be able to handle them (for audio/video switching purposes).
    And most importantly I would also look for a receiver that is simple and easy to use because you will probably have other family members wanting to use your receiver also.
    I would recommend spending a good amount of receivers since I find many clients neglect their speakers and spend a huge chunk of money on their speakers.

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