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Which Direct-View HD CRT is the best? (1 Viewer)


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Sep 23, 2002
My number one candidate is the Sony KV-30HS420. I currently own a 27S46 and am happy with picture quality, especially the color accuracy. The current lineup of direct-view HD CRT's appear to continue the tradition of good picture quality and attention to features (the various picture-sizing modes are outstanding). Of course, it'd be nice if the warranty went past 90 days on labor, but that seems more of a quirk on the part of Sony than an indicator of low quality.

The problem, as my other post indicates, is that Sony has not released a new line of HD CRT direct-views yet this year, keeping the prices relatively high.

I'm also looking at the Tosh 30HS85 and the HS84 which it replaces (HS84 has been available in NYC for $680). One Tosh I saw in a Best Buy looked like it might have picture linearity problems, but mind you this is via a video image fed in through the RF antenna input.

There are also the Philips models, including a 30-inch HD CRT which lists for about $700. Magnavox has a new model out (30MW5405) which looks to be identical to the new Philips models.

Samsung is a possibility though the feature sets don't seem so well thought out.

And then there are the Sanyo sets from Walmart. So any feedback would be most appreciated.

John S

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Nov 4, 2003
Well you have a grasp on them... Sony is still king on these things and their price sure indicates it.

That crazy Sanyo with built in HD Tuner gets good reviews. Probably represents the best bargain out there.

I do seem to be reading more and more posts about Tosh direct view CRT's having image issues on one side of the screen in particular lately.

Lots of people using the Philips on here. Overall it seems to work welll for people, with only a couple of reported quirks with it.

Samsung has the new ultra slim CRT's out, probably worth a look on coolness alone.

Arthur S

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Jul 2, 1999
Although you seem to have set your upper limit at the 30HS420, the 30XS955 outperforms the 420 with DVD. 420 is very good with DVD, while 955 is excellent with DVD. Otherwise they perform the same.

That is the answer to your question, which tube is best.

Based on your budget, not worth it to go for the 955.

Samsung P3064W has good PQ but falls short of 420 across the board. Price difference not enough to skip the 420.

Skip Toshiba, Phillips and Magnavox. The Slimline has geometry problems. Just can't get same PQ with an electron gun that is 30% shorter. That being said, look for all the tube makers to start shifting to the shorter guns. The mass market just won't care that much about PQ and the slim will be very well received over the next few years.


Feb 19, 2001
didn't Toshiba release a 34" (the 34HF85) direct view that is NOT a slim tube? Just simply a replacement for the 34HF84 I believe...

can anyone contradict the rumour that there won't be a 34HFX85?

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