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    If my DVD player and receiver both have digital sound decoders, which one actually decodes the sound? Is there some setting somewhere, or is it always one or the other?
    I'm guessing that it depends on the connection. That is, if I'm using a digital connection, the digital sound is merely transferred from the DVD player to the receiver, then the receiver converts it and plays it. If I'm using RCA cables, the DVD player converts it and sends it to the receiver.
    This is all just guessing on my part, though.
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    There's only one DD/DTS decoder being used and yes, it basically can be determined (as long as you're getting sound of course) by how you're hooking up the DVD player to your receiver/preamp. A digital output from the DVD player will be decoded in the receiver/processor whereas analog outputs from the DVD would imply that the digital audio is being processed in the DVD player.
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