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Which Amplifier will go best with Harman Kardon HKTS9 5.1 setup?

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Apoorva Sheth, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. Apoorva Sheth

    Apoorva Sheth Auditioning

    Aug 4, 2018
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    Apoorva Sheth

    This is Apoorva from Mumbai, India. I have Harman/Kardon Home Theatre in my house. The setup is of Harman Kardon AVR 1700 Amplifier + HKTS 9 5.1 Speakers (2 Rear + 2 Front + 1 Center + 1 Woofer) – All images enclosed. Now, the AVR 1700 has died and the cost of repair is approx Rs. 28’000/- (USD $408.37).

    So, I am planning to buy a new Amplifier (Audio Video Receiver). I did an extensive search on the internet and have decided to buy Yamaha RX-V583 Amplifier (Images of this Amplifier and its specs are enclosed) which has all the latest features which includes DTS-X & Dolby Atoms. The complete details can be obtained from this link:


    I need to understand from all of you on this forum whether buying Yamaha RX-V583 will be the correct choice as I have no idea how well will it create Powerful sound from my HKTS 9 5.1 speaker sets and how deep, clear and true to life + original the sound quality will be?

    Does anybody out here have a better Amplifier in mind apart from the Yamaha Amplifier than please do suggest. My budget is upto Rs. 50’000/- (USD $729.24) if I can get a better amplifier than this Yamaha RX-V583 which I presently get for Rs. 44’000 (USD $641.73) from one of the Yamaha Authorized dealers here in Mumbai.

    Also, this Yamaha RX-V583 is very soon to go outdated and will be replaced with RX-V585BL. But as I noticed on Yamaha’s website: https://in.yamaha.com/en/products/audio_visual/av_receivers_amps/rx-v585/index.html

    …the features offered in RX-V585 is much lesser compared to what’s being offered in RX-V583.

    So, please provide the best possible suggestion. I just hope my HKTS 9 speakers or the Audio Video receiver, either of it doesn’t get damaged.

    Thanks for your time & support in advance!


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  2. Wayne A. Pflughaupt


    Aug 5, 1999
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    Corpus Christi, TX
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    The limiting factor for achieving “deep, clear and true to life + original the sound quality” is the speakers, not so much the amplifier. If you were happy with the way the Harman Kardon amp sounded, there’s no reason to believe you won’t be happy with either of the Yamahas. Pick the one that has the features you need.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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