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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by KrisCH, Sep 4, 2003.

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    Hello all, newbie here. I am thinking of taking the plunge into the world of seperates (I currently have a yamaha rxv2092) and have become thoroughly confused the more I look at what is available.

    I have slowly been adding to my speakers over the past couple of years and now would like to focus on the electronics.

    My current set up consists of legacy classics (300w max) for front mains, legacy silver screen 2 (300w max) for center and a pair of axiom qs8 (400w max) for surround duty. Base is being handled by a powered SVS PB2+ The mains are rated at 91db sensitivity at 4ohms, the center 98db at 4ohms, and the axioms 91db at 6ohms.

    My system is in a 3600 ft3 room and is used for about 30% music 70% ht, but quality 2ch music is still a considering factor for me.

    Since I have an older receiver my system is currently 5.1 but am intrigued about the potential of 7.1 and SACD use in the future. My plan right now is to purchase amplification then a good pre/proc shortly there after. That being said, I am a little confused as to what my amp purchase should be. I am wondering about buying a 5ch amp now, then maybe a second 2ch amp when I am ready to get a new pre capable of more channels. Then again I was also thinking about a maybe a three channel. As you can see I am pretty confused...

    I know there have been many threads about which amps to buy, and invariably they turn into "buy what you think sounds good". I hope some of you may be able to tell me what may be a good match for what I have so that I can narrow the field down a little. I would really like to limit my budget on this to around 2500. I could probably eek out a few hundred more if the difference in what I would get would be a noticable improvement. That being said, here is the list I have compiled so far:

    ATI AT3005 or AT3007
    B&K Ref 200.5 or 200.7
    Earthquake Cinenova 5ch
    Sherbourn 5/5210 or 7/2100
    Rotel RMB 1095 or Rotel RMB 1075
    Outlaw 755 5ch or 770 7ch
    Odyssey Stratos HT5

    Wondering what people rate these? Are they all pretty much in the same league?

    If I am overlooking any similar amps please advise me.

    I think most of these amps have oodles more power than what I would need with my speakers, So if there are better ones out there I am all ears.

    Many thanks for any advice you are willing to give me.

    Kris you
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    I want to say the axiom is a bit on the bright side...through what I've read...and paradigm though not the brightest still can be teamed up with a warmer amp..I would look into a 7 channel now...I have the sherbourn 7/2100 and it works like a dream with my speakers(and I'm running 5.1 for now)...its something you want to listen to...find a few, take 'em home...demo the hell outta them, and see whats best...remember, its supposed to be fun[​IMG]
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    A little bit of bad news for you - I don't believe there is a Stratos HT5. It was planned, but didn't come off to the quality they wanted. If you want 5 channels of Stratos, you have to buy a Stereo and an HT3.

    Good luck,


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