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Where's the best place to find Dick Van Dyke Show outtakes? (1 Viewer)

Carlos Garcia

Mar 11, 2004
I just bought Jack Klugman's book "Tony and Me", and it contains a DVD containing 8 minutes of excellent outtakes from "The Odd Couple". Jack got full co-operation from Garry Marshall and Paramount in securing the rights to show those outtakes. I know The Dick Van Dyke Show DVD set didn't contain any outtakes from the show because Carl Reiner didn't want them to be included. However, I also know that those outtakes do exist on some VHS releases from years ago. Does anyone know whether these outtakes exist on any DVD? If not, does anyone know the name of the VHS they appeared on? I really wish Carl Reiner would change his mind and release an official Dick Van Dyke Show outtakes DVD, but I guess that would be asking for too much.

David Von Pein

Senior HTF Member
Feb 4, 2002
Hi Carlos,

I have a VHS video entitled "Clips From The Cutting Room Floor; Volume One", which contains 24 minutes of Van Dyke Show outtakes, plus Rob's (Dick's) very funny "alternate take" during the filming of Season Five's "You Ought To Be In Pictures" (where Dick deliberately overacts and cries like a baby -- which, for fans who don't know it, is included as a bonus within the Image Entertainment 5th-Season Van Dyke DVD boxed set).

The VHS video of outtakes was put out by "American Video, Inc." (copyright 1993). I never saw a "Volume Two", which you would expect, since this one I have is labelled "Vol. 1".

That outtake tape is worth seeking out IMO if you're a big Van Dyke Show fan -- because a big fan will immediately recognize each scene that's being botched-up by the actors in these blooper reels. And you'll note the different inflections in the actors' voices or sometimes totally different ad-libs being inserted into the script during these gaffes that are not present in the final cuts of some scenes. Fun stuff.

The video quality of this "Cutting Room Floor" tape I possess is not very good at all, however. But that doesn't matter much; because the material is so fun to watch.

I can't find any video outlet that currently sells that video. I can't even remember where I bought it (might have been MoviesUnlimited.com).

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