Where to put projector and screen in rented home

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    I'm helping a friend set up an Ampro 2000D 7" CRT projector in his family room for watching movies at night. They are renting the house and they have 3 small children, which affects what can and cannot be done. He assumes that the projector cannot be ceiling mounted because it would involve to much damage to the ceiling, although it may be possible to hang a screen from the ceiling. Let me know if you know of a way to do this without significant damage.
    There is a ceiling fan in the center of the room.
    It seems that the best solution given these constraints would be to place the projector on a table against a wall or in the middle of the room and either use a portable screen or hang a screen from the ceiling or mount a screen to the wall. None of these seem very good given the layout of the room, so I'm asking what you would recommend.
    Below is a picture of the room space. It is roughly 12 feet wide and 25 feet long.
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    Can those doors/openings on the left side of the drawing be closed to light?
    I have seen one solution that might work well. Check this out: http://www.whisperflow.com/theater.htm
    They would come from the floor, not the ceiling, and they don't use a tripod. They use a 2.2 gain fabric with a 45 degree viewing angle.
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    I second the idea of placing the projector on top of a high (and deep) shelf or shelf unit where it cannot be acessed by little fingers. You can use adjustable feet to angle the unit to achieve the correct results on the screen.

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