Where to get rubber washers for a Flexi Rack?

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    Jun 13, 2002
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    Can any of you DIY's PLEASE tell where I can get the rubber washers for a Flexi Rack I'm planning on building?
    I'm using 5/8"-11 threaded rod and hardware, painted black. I'm using 5/4" MDF for the top and bottom shelves with black #909 Polished Formica® Laminate finish. These will sandwich 5 smoked 1/4" Tempered glass shelves. I have black casters from Salamader that screw right onto the rods. [​IMG]
    I have all the materials I need EXCEPT the darn rubber washers. They are a critical part of the glass shelf assembly. The od is 1-3/4", the id is 5/8" and at least 1/8" thick, black of course.
    Someone please help!
    Thanx in advance, Roly.
  2. www.mcmaster.com
    do a search on Rubber Washer
    they have all sorts from rubber to reinforced rubber to neoprene and more.
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    I bought a 12"x12" rubber tile from home depot and cut out a bunch of washers w. scissors...

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