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    Apr 2, 2000
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    I plan to buy a 3-channel amp like the new Anthem MCA30. The problem is I cannot find anywhere to quote me a price or even offer it to me over the net. I checked the Anthem website for authorized dealers and checked a couple like www.6ave.com, www.soundcity.com. I contacted both and none are allowed to sell Anthem over the net. They told me I will never find a NEW Anthem via the internet and if I did it would be for full MSRP only.
    Does anyone out there have a reliable vendor that has fair prices on NEW anthem amps?
    All other brands of 3-channel amps seem to be much more expensive for the same watt/watt performance. I need an amp with a 12v trigger or auto on feature.
    Send some vendors my way please. There must be some fellow HT patrons here that have gotten Athem products at decent prices?
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    Feb 11, 2001
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    I bought my AVM 20 from an authorized B&M dealer about an hour away from me. Decent price. It would appear, though, that there's not a lot of dealer competition in your neck of the woods. Do I assume correctly that you've tried the Knoxville dealer without luck at a decent price? If so, you may want to consider hiking to the next closest dealer, even if it's a bit far. In my case, the dealer from whom I purchased was definitely not my closest Anthem dealer (or Paradigm, or Pioneer, or ...), and he knew it. This was a major reason why I got a good deal; he had to use the $ card to pull me in as a customer.

    Unfortunately, not many dealers are wise enough to realize this.


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