Where should I Buy my DVD's From?

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  1. Karl Schuster

    Oct 10, 2001
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    Hello all Forum Members [​IMG]
    I started buying my DVD's from DVDEXPRESS a couple of years ago, and as service started to suffer I made the BIG Change to AMAZON (because they accepted Diners Card).
    I have been using Amazon for over 2 years now and have purchased over 350 DVD's from them. However I have several issues regarding their service:
    1: They only ship international(I live in Australia) goods via DHL. I also pay extra for DHL International Priority; around US$42.93 for 6-8 titles, for delivery in 3-4 days.
    However since Sept 11, their shipping is always late and I keep getting charged customs and Import Duties(which i never paid). In fact DHL is the main reason for not wanting to shop at Amazon anymore!
    2: Amazon very rarely ship titles before the Release date. in fact they often ship out on your Wednesday a day or 2 after the release.
    3: I have been getting quite a few DVD's arrive, where the DVD has been lose in its case, and has ended up getting scratched in transit.
    4: And Finally Amazon dont seem to always have the best price.
    I only purchase DVD's from USA and I do not support the Local Zone4 Titles at all. I normally purchase around 20 titles per month and would prefer to pay via Diners, I could use Amex if needed.
    So what I am looking for in an online retailer is:
    1: Competitive prices
    2: Online order status
    3: Stock availability
    4: Ability to use Fed Ex instead of DHL
    5: will accept Diners (Amex is also alright)
    6: often ship before release date
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have just cancelled all my outstanding orders with Amazon, and there are plenty DVD's that I want now [​IMG]
  2. Julian Lalor

    Julian Lalor Supporting Actor

    Oct 5, 1999
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    Try www.jetdvd.com. They ship around the world, charge $US16.98 for FedEx courier of up to 8 DVDs (takes 2-3 days max from dispatch date) and offer 30% off all titles.
  3. Mark_Wilson

    Mark_Wilson Screenwriter

    Jul 27, 2000
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    I too was a big DVD Express buyer. I'm currently running about 80 dvds per month. I've switched to a smaller company, Lasers Edge, http://www.lasersedge.com/ . I know of a few forum users outside the US that buy from them. Most of the time they have their disc ON release day. Cheaper than Amazon too.

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