Where is the Best Place Online to find Real Estate Multi-Lists?

Kirk Gunn

Aug 16, 1999
I used Realtor.com when we purchased 2 yrs ago, but the listings were not very current. It's good for comparisons of features, locales, etc. But in today's market most decent real estate moves VERY fast and it could never keep up.
Try: http://www.helpusell.com/
When we purchased our home, we used a realtor and were able to put an offer in the night before the house officially went "on the market". I despise most realtors (no offense, really....) but ours got us into this house so I can't complain.
Since then 75% of sold houses in our neighborhood have moved sans realtor. Tough to fork over 6% commission when potential buyers are constantly dropping "please sell" leaflets in your mailbox.
Good Luck !


Jul 24, 2000
Brian that should be Realtor.com

but that is one of the best.

Ryan Wright

Jul 30, 2000
quote: But in today's market most decent real estate moves VERY fast and it could never keep up.[/quote]
Before we bought our current house last year, we picked up a real estate publication at the local supermarket. Kind of like a nickel want-ad type of magazine full of houses. We went through a few thousand listings and marked off about 30 that we were interested in. All but a couple were sold. The magazine was published once a week...
We found the same thing for Internet sites. Most houses we pulled up had already sold. We ended up working with a realtor who did a search for us every morning and called us with any new listings that fit our criteria. The good thing about realtors is you usually don't pay a thing when buying. The seller pays.
I suggest going to a bank and getting prequalified for a mortgage in the highest amount you're (well, your brother & his wife) willing to spend. A pre-qual not only makes you look reputable in the eyes of the realtor, it also can be a large bargaining chip. If someone makes a $250k offer on your house contingent on financing approval and I walk in and offer you $245k with no contingencies, whose offer are you going to take? Unless you have the time and money to wait for another buyer if the first guy falls through, you'll take mine.
Once you've got the pre-qual, you call a realtor and go shopping.
-Ryan ( http://www.ryanwright.com )
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Brian Mansure

Second Unit
Mar 15, 2000
Thanks for the replies and the correction on the mis-spelling.

You're advice about pre-qualification for a mortgage loan is extremely important IMO, and it was one of the first things I suggested to my brother when he started looking at houses.
Anybody else?
Thanks again,

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