Where can I get a "Welcome to My Home Theater" DVD?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by KenRen, Feb 16, 2004.

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    Feb 20, 2001
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    I would really like a customized DVD as an opening to my home theater. You know, I hit the "ON" macro and when my HT comes up it starts this DVD and blows away the crowds with sounds, video, and ends with my HT's name. It should have the following:

    1. Autoplays when DVD player is turned on.
    2. Has a DD (maybe DTS) sound track, starting with the classic DD sound intro.
    3. Fades to one of the DD showcase pieces (Pyramid is my favorite.)
    4. Fades to the fireworks piece from the opening of the DVE disk intro, but:
    5. Includes a nice (animated maybe) logo that says "Welcome to KenRen's Home Theater"
    6. Run time about 3 minutes or so.

    Would love to have the volume at a high level when I shut down, then have my friends, after I say "Oh, this little home theater," push the macro button and get blown away!!!

    Right now, the closest I can get is the DVE disk itself. If I put it into my DVD and turn it off to close the door, it will auto-run the DVE opening when I turn the system on. But that roller coaster scene, too loud if I want the fireworks to be impressive near the end.

    Can't believe no one out there done this yet. You would only have to change the theaters name and could sell one to every HTF member. Something like this out there?



    PS Dibbs on the idea if someone is interested in getting it started.
  2. Ron Boster

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    Ken: Go over to www.avsforum.com in their Home theater accessories forum run a search for "intros" and you'll finda discussion about this topic. There are several companies that make custom HT intros....some that just add your name, others that will create almost exactly what you want, complete with prof. announcer...of course, the prices vary with services from $50 to $300. Remember you get what you pay for...so don't expect everything you've listed above for $50.


    PS: My personal experience is I run a long version of my HT intro for first timers....and a 35 second intro (Matrix theme) for those who have seen the long intro before. Both customized with our family name. I don't have the specific companies that produced them...buit it can be found within the HT Accessories forum.
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    Jan 15, 2004
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    *16 X 9
    *7.3 Bit High Resolution, All Digital Graphics
    *Dolby® 5.1 Disccrete Sound Track
    *10 Minute Count Down to "Feature Presentation"
    *Mind Boggling Movie Trivia & More Fun
    *Available in 6 Custom Styles
    *Add-On the Custom Annoucer Package
    *Prices Start At Just $99
    __________________________________________________ __
    1-800-5006 Ext.00

    Found on page 104 March Home Theater mag at the bottom left, I have subscribed since 1993, I hope this what you want member. [​IMG]
  4. KenRen

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    Feb 20, 2001
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    Ron, Jon, et al,

    Thanks for the leads. Further searches found that there are actually several options. Our own Ron Epstein (my main man) did a write up earlier this month (that I must have missed) on cinemawise products:


    Digital Bits just put up a pretty informative article about cinemawise's products at:


    Othe venues include:


    They all seem kind of pricey, but knowing what it takes to make one, guess it is reasonable. Since I haven't been to a real theater in many years, I didn;t realise they have dancing popcorn boxes and trivia games now before movies.

    Any votes?


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