Where Can I find AVALON (anime)???

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  1. Cristiano Leal

    Mar 26, 2000
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    Hi there.
    I just read today a stupendous review on the japonese movie AVALON (Region 2) at this site:
    I live in Brazil and tried a lot to get this 2-disc set via brazilian DVD import stories with no success...
    Does anybody here know if there's an american online story where i could find this special edition? I already tried on eBay but just found the much inferior Region 0 1-disc edition.
    Thanks for your atention.
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  2. Frank Roe

    Frank Roe Auditioning

    Mar 25, 2001
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    Hi Cristiano,
    I just saw "Avalon" (Director: Mamoru Oshii "Ghost In The Shell") the second time and for me it is the most creative movie since years. This isn't an anime, but it's shot like one. Every frame is wonderful.
    I've ordered the DVD in Japan (I live in Germany) with the Gamera Box 1995-1999 (Yes, I'm a Godzilla and Gamera friend, but I also love animes like "Akira", "Ghost In the Shell", "Jin-Roh", "Princess Mononoke" etc. and movies from Takeshi Kitano, Sabu, Miike and much more). Here is the link:
    The postage was expensive but I received the DVDs really fast, within 4 days (with a weekend) after they send the package.
    Now I will tell you some Details about the Disc (I only have the standard version):
    This japanese Movie was shot in Poland with polish actors.
    The Picture: The movie and the 3 Trailer are anamorph (1.85 :1), There are 2 TV-Spots (1,33 : 1 - Fullscreen). The picture looks good.
    The Sound: The main track (polish) is in Dolby Digital 5.1 EX, the japanese track is in Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo. The Trailers are in Dolby Digital 5.1. The main track sounds great.
    There are only the 3 Trailers and 2 TV-Spots as bonus on the standard edition. The cover mentioned a running time of 111 min. - the correct time is 107 min..
    I think everybody has to see this movie because it's something new. It isn't important that you like it, but you have to see it and I mean you all.
    Greetings to all movie lovers ...
  3. Jeff Kleist

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    Dec 4, 1999
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    Cristano, the Region 0 version is a bootleg. Supposedly there is a legit R3 version coming.
    The 2 disc set contains extensive documentaries and booklets (which, BTW are untranslated, but giving that you live in Brazil, I'm assuming it's likely you speak Japanese). It also contains a DTS-ES track if you're into such things. It runs about $120US, while the movie-only version runs about $45US
    CDJapan is your best bet, you aren't going to find it much cheaper.I can only think of 1 US store that carries it, and it works out to the same price (probably more for them to ship down there)
    Jeff Kleist

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