Where can I find a Barco 808s Data Memory Bank chip while I'm on vacation in the USA?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Johnny G, Apr 13, 2004.

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    Dec 12, 2000
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    I don't know the name of the chip I need (does anyone know?), but I need to be able to store up to 8 settings though 1 input (port 3) instead of the 2 as standard.

    I was given the chip numbers but left them at home, fill in the blanks, I they were _.3_ or _.4_ but the _.2_ wasn't high enough for my projector.

    I was told to ask for the chip that enables the memory bank system and gives small text menus.

    I'm gonna try www.crtcinema.com tomorrow but if anyone has any phone numbers for anywhere else in the USA that might be able to help, I'd be really greatful.

    I also need a port 3 cable, 15 pin to 9 pin if anyone knows where I could find one.

    much appreciated from a newbie to CRT (soon anyway, I hope)
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    don't mean to detract from the strengths of this forum, but the CRT forum at AVS is where you need to be, that's where everybody CRT will hang out. There are plenty of techs and hobbyists there that will be able to help you. I have a G808, but I don't know anything about the chips, so I can't help you with that info, sorry.

    Port 3 cables are available custom at many places, such as crtcinema, and in the uk, crtprojectors.uk im sure has them, and they are many other places as well. It's also well documented at AVS, along with in the barco manuals, so you can make your own if you want too.

    I'm not sure you really need to chip up on a barco though. I don't know that it provides any benefits that you mention besides the small menus? Not sure about memory slots.

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