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When will plasma be affordable? (1 Viewer)

Mike Hamilton

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 30, 2002
Burn in does not sound very common on Plasmas.
Keep in mind that the majority of those who populate the forums are savvy. It is the average consumer that is destroying these through unfortunate circumstances such as video games or the news & sports tickers.

Rich McGirr

Apr 15, 2003
Which is what happens to many of the new displays that people purchase. Sure they fiddle with them to make the picture "clearer" to their vision. I would venture a guess and say that a good many (over 1/2) of the displays in households haven't even been calibrated with an Avia disk.

Further, I think the problem is exacerbated due to the lack of consumer knowledge when considering a purchase of this magnitude. Bottom line is a combination of price and performance.

I went into a local B&M store to purchase my synergy. The owner was there and it was Sunday so I thought that was a plus so far. He was an authorized Fujitsu and Pioneer dealer. Although he did not have any Fuji's on the floor :frowning: . Very kind though and fired up the Elite 1000 he had hooked up to Monsters Inc for the kids to watch while the wife was eyeing the furniture. Looked very, very good as it should have. We started talking about the elites and I told him I was looking at those as well as the panasonics. As I told him I was searching on the internet, he asked what prices I got. Told him about $6,500 for the 503CMX with the 5002 card. He said "they aren't the same units". We bantered back and forth about how they were different. He thought that the internal electronics were some how different, which they are not. When I picked up the Synergy, he told me that I was right.

I learned this information from forums like avs and this one. Previously to the plasma I had a Avia "calibrated" Mitsubishi 4:3 50" RPTV that was almost 3.5 years old. PQ from DVD was good, PQ from cable/sat was watchable (couldn't see a golf ball flying in the air). Now that I have the plasma and it has been "calibrated" with Avia, it is night and day. The PQ from sat/cable is very watchable (there it is, look hon you can see the ball), which I do not understand as it should be based upon the signal strength. Probably due to improved scaler technology...but who knows.

I have been looking at the AVT-3700 external scaler which upconverts component/svideo/composite to whatever resolution you want (480p in my case) via a RGBHV (PC) connection. Trying to get more info from the company, this may be the ticket.

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