When is a RPTV a better choice than a FP

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Steve Simm, Nov 3, 2003.

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    I am in the process of upgrading/remodeling my HT and HT room. When I started this I was all set on going with an entry level FP, ie. PLV-Z1 or Z2, Infocus X1, or Sony HS-10 and still want to but as I move along on this project I wonder if a RPTV would be a better choice. My room is approx 16' by 14' but the way my room is laid out I have to use the 16' wall for my TV or projector. If I go with a projector it means I can mount it no further than about 12.5 ft back or so and would be sitting almost directly under it. I am currently using a NTSC 53" Sony 53V80. Here are the pros and cons of both:

    1. I would be able to easily watch TV in the HT
    2. I can get OTA and cable HDTV- planning on getting one with built in tuner if I get a TV
    3. Plenty of inputs and outputs- I don't use my receiver for video switching
    3. Screen won't overpower the room- I would like to get a 65" which will be pretty big for this viewing distance.

    1. takes up lot of space
    2. cost- $2500-$3500
    3. selling a perfectly good TV to buy another- predicting this argument from my wife

    1. Bigger picture- although 80" will be pushing it at the projected distance.
    2. No big box in the room
    3. Relatively inexpensive compared to HDTV- $800-$1500 less
    4. cool to have a FP

    1. mounting issues
    2. making or buying a screen
    3. fewer inputs mean having to possibly upgrade receiver to handle component video switching
    4. having to buy w/o seeing it in action first as I don't know anyone with a FP system and not many stores carry them setup around here
    5. No TV in HT room if I go with projector

    These are the things I am thinking about as I make this decision. Anybody have any thoughts or opinions on which to go with and why.
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    Well I was all set on a Pioneer 53" RPTV until a friend demoed a projector in my basement for me. I just finished my setup.
    Sanyo PLV-Z1
    Room size 11' 8" wide, 7'ft ceiling, 30ft deep.
    1st row seating 14-15 ft.
    DIY mount < $20 from Home depot
    DIY screen < $40 from home depot
    Screen size 92" * 52"

    I think if you are going to use it on a daily basis(TV, Movies, Video games) RPTV might be the better way to go.
    Mine is mainly for movies...sometimes some sporting events.
    The biggest con is bulb life/replacement other than that I love it...who would of thought that for < 1200 I would have a Sanyo PLV-Z1 and a screen....just look at my link...
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    I think FP is superior in about all respects except for casual daytime TV viewing. But for that, my 36" TV does just fine. Personally I can't stand watching the lousy resolution you get on TV with any bigger display.

    Screens don't have to be expensive. My excellent DaLite pulldown 107" screen cost $240. Inputs aren't a big issue either - you can use your receiver to do the switching.

    The biggest issue (potential expense) is mounting. We originally had my FP in the basement which worked great. But when the wife decided she didn't like spending so much time in the basement, we brought it upstairs to the family room with lots of expensive engraved walls and ceilings we couldn't drill into.

    We had to switch to plan B and just use projector on the coffee table, which is always an option. She stores it out of view underneath the table when its not in use.

    As far as downside to RPTV:
    1) not as good an image
    2) impossible for the room to look good with the huge hulking piece of electronics stuck somewhere
    3) a major pain to move or transport
    4) easily gets out of adjustment
    5) possibility of burn-in
    6) if you want a bigger image you have to buy a new set
    7) no matter how big the image, it never feels like a real theater.

    I'd maybe consider a plasma some day, but only to use in addition to the FP. But I'd never, ever consider an RPTV.

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