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    I find myself once again listening to this masterpiece, speechless. Bound by the beauty of what just might be the greatest musical treatise on love, the loss of love, the gift of it, love's redemptive power, our basic human need to give and receive it. I cannot imagine any more eloquent and wondrous statement on the topic than "When I Was A Boy" by Jane Siberry. (Reprise Records)

    Not to mention, the music is OUTSTANDING.

    Hopefully, all this talk of love won't put you off, stop those of you who haven't heard this album from checking it out. It is truly one of the greatest recordings I've heard, and I don't say something like that lightly.

    Two thumbs (and 8 fingers) up. Four stars. Five stars!
    "An adreneline rush!"

    (Okay, I'm getting carried away now. Sorry....)

    Do yourself a favor and check it out. And check back in to let me know what you think.

    Len Simons
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    I've been a Jane Siberry fan since 1984, so I heartily agree with you.

    Here's a good place to start. It's a 2-disc kind of "Best of" and every single song is great. Love Is Everything is well worth the money.

    These are some of my favorite albums by her, but I love them all. You just can't go wrong with Jane Siberry. Missing here is the album that got me into Jane, The Speckless Sky, which I couldn't find an image of.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Here's Jane's official web site.

    And a pretty good fan site.

    Jane's page at the Ectophile's Guide to Good Music
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    Count me as a fan also. If you want to see a snippet of her on DVD, check out The Best of Sessions at West 54th volume 1. She does a very nice rendition of Love is Everything. Besides, all of the other selections on the DVD are excellent as well, especially Richard Thompson and Ani DiFranco.


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