When did the latest version of exclusive screenings dissolve?

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    I am am using Canadian theater chains as a reference. I don't know how this plays in the US...

    For years, films from Disney and Paramount were seen theatricaly exclusively at Famous Players Cinemans (I used to work in an FP cinema, and Paramount and FP were owned by Gulf & Western, so this pairing was obvious).

    Likewise, Cineplex Odeon would exclusively carry Fox and Universal titles.

    The downside of this was that if any studio was putting out a low grade product, it would hurt the chain when low attendance cut into any chance of the theatre making any profit.

    Nowadays, it seems any theater chain can play any movie they choose, so it is not uncommon for both chains to feature films such as Shrek, Monsters Inc., The Phantom Menace, Planet Of The Apes, or Harry Potter.

    What led to the demise of this practise?
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    I think it still exists in the US but only for small releases. A big release wants to grab as many screens in as many different locations as possible to maximize its short term return (where studio profits are highest). This can't be done as effectively in big cities if only one theater chain is used. For the smaller movies they generally start with limited releases and a chain exclusive doesn't hurt them very much because they can't garner a lot of screens anyways (and they will try and garner their money over time). That would be my take on it.


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