What's YOUR TV? (And how would you rate it?)

Discussion in 'Displays' started by John CW, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. John CW

    John CW Supporting Actor

    Oct 7, 2000
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    Everyone seems to be asking the same question: "What TV should I buy?" There doesn't seem to be any clear answers one way or another. There are too many factors to take into account... What type of TV do you want? How much do you want to pay? Ratio. High Definition. All of us have our own criteria, and its very hard to find a review about a specific TV we're after.

    Truth is, someone who has owned the set for a while is likely to know more about it than a reviewer, plus collectively we have the ability to rate more TV's than any magazine could ever afford to review! [​IMG]

    So taking all this into account; how would you rate YOUR TV?

    (Of course, I'm asking for information on newer or high quality TV's... not that 28" 4:3 TV you've had sitting in your living room for the last five years! [​IMG])

    How about filling in the following to help your fellow HTF's?

    Make/Model: eg. Sony KV-36XBR800
    Size/Type: eg. RPTV 70" 4:3 or Plasma 40" Widescreen
    Price you paid for it: eg. $2700 at BestBuy
    Good things: eg. Great PQ. Cheap.
    Bad things: eg. Nothing or Bad sound. Really heavy. Had to return it. etc
    Overall: Are you happy with it? (yes/no)

    (I'm currently looking for a set myself, so please excuse me! [​IMG])

    Here you go:

    Price you paid for it:
    Good things:
    Bad things:
    Overall: Are you happy with it? (yes/no)

    Hope everyone thinks this is a good idea and joins in!


    ~ Johnny
  2. Steve Schaffer

    Steve Schaffer Producer

    Apr 15, 1999
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    Sony KP57HW40

    57" widescreen HD-ready rptv.

    Paid $3k in sept of 01.

    Good: Picture quality--color rendition is very nice, subtle differences in fleshtones are nicely displayed. Easily tweakable to correct color decoding and eliminate svm. good stretch modes for 4/3 material. Convergence stays in synch, flash focus works great, never had to do a manual convergence.

    Bad: have to cycle thru all inputs rather than access them directly.
    Remote buttons too sensitive--I keep accidentally turning on PIP or some other trick screen mode when I don't want to.

    Overall very very happy with it.
  3. John Royster

    John Royster Screenwriter

    Oct 14, 2001
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    Sure...I'll bite.

    Make/Model: Mitsubishi 65819
    Size/Type: 65" RPTV
    Price you paid for it: 2700
    Good things: 3d image, perfect grayscale, can tweak absolutely everything including ridding all forms of edge enhancement, format modes availible for 480p
    Bad things: Won't accept 720p from xbox, doesn't like crappy sources
    Overall: Are you happy with it? (yes/no) Yes

    Make/Model: Sony 36XBR450
    Size/Type: 36" direct view
    Price you paid for it: 1600
    Good things: Bright tube, squeeze mode for 480p and HD
    Bad things: Won't accept 720p from xbox, doesn't like crappy sources, poor resolution on HD sources
    Overall: Are you happy with it? (yes/no) No
  4. John-Miles

    John-Miles Screenwriter

    Nov 29, 2001
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    Make/Model: Toshiba 36HFX71
    Size/Type: 36" HDTV direct view
    Price you paid for it: 2800 plus tax Canadian dollars
    Good things: Amazing grey scale out of the box very good picture quality even on the worst of source, this tv really enhances bad pictures instead of displaying their flaws. very good price when compared to similar tv's 1000 dollars less than the sony xbr for example
    Bad things: the only thing i really want on this tv that it cannot do is I would like to be able to adjust the overscan for each input. DVI would also be nice, but i dont believe it is in any way necessary.
    Overall: Are you happy with it? (yes/no) YES very pleased
  5. Bryan X

    Bryan X Producer

    Feb 10, 2003
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    Make/Model: Panasonic pt53wx52
    Size/Type: 53" HD RPTV
    Price you paid for it: $1704 in Feb 2003
    Good things: Very good image for the price, can turn off SVM, fairly easy to tweak, decent OOB picture.
    Bad things: Won't accept 720p signal.
    Overall: Are you happy with it? (yes/no) Yes
  6. EdR

    EdR Second Unit

    Oct 29, 2002
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    Make/Model: NEC LT260 Projector
    Size/Type: Currently 80"
    Price you paid for it: $3200 (Oct '02)
    Good things: Outstanding image quality, highly tweakable, quiet, accepts nearly every kind of signal (PAL, NTSC, 1080i, 720p, etc), 8-way keystoning (3D reform), portable, sealed optics, only 25% lamp usage after 6 months.
    Bad things: Lamp is expensive, remote can be finicky, menus are functional, but could be laid out better.
    Overall: Are you happy with it? Very
  7. Trevor H

    Trevor H Second Unit

    Oct 18, 2000
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    Make/Model: Hitachi 57TWX20B
    Size/Type: 57" 16:9 Rear Proj. HDTV
    Price you paid for it: $4600 (Can.)
    Good things: picture is awesome, very easy to calibrate
    Bad things: weird looking 4:3 stretch mode, has a bit of red push out of the box but once calibrated is fine.
    Overall, Are you happy with it?: YES very much, IMO this is the best TV you can buy in it's size
  8. Hanson

    Hanson Producer

    Nov 1, 1998
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    Real Name:
    Make/Model: Pioneer SD533HD5
    Size/Type: 53” Widescreen RPTV
    Price you paid for it: $2250 delivered
    Good things: Where do I begin? Great picture, the best stretch mode, great line doubler, 64 point user convergence, user defeatable SVM, 15 pin RBG input, user settings for each input, plus more stuff I can’t remember.
    Bad things: only 4 video inputs, no DVI, all user settings reset when you come out of service mode (really annoying)
    Overall: Are you happy with it? (yes/no) Emphatically yes. And only $100 more than the TW40H80 I bought 4 years ago. The Pioneer so much better in every way.
  9. JonathonSan

    JonathonSan Stunt Coordinator

    Feb 13, 2003
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    Make/Model: Sanyo PLV-Z1
    Size/Type: LCD Projector
    Price you paid for it: $1500
    Good things: Bright, detailed BIG image. Fantastic colors
    Bad things: Grey blacks
    Overall: Are you happy with it? (yes/no) YES!

  10. John Stone

    John Stone Supporting Actor

    Aug 5, 2001
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    Make/Model: Panasonic PT-53WX42
    Size/Type: 53" Rear Projection Widescreen HDTV
    Price you paid for it: $1599.00 (January 2003)
    Good things: Excellent picture and color accuracy (after calibration with Avia), deep detailed blacks, huge image, very inexpensive--unbelievable bang for the buck, no screen sheild (zero glare!)
    Bad things: No DVI input, picture is not that great out of the box (requires basic user-level calibration to really shine)
    Overall: Are you happy with it? (yes/no): YES--100% pleased, would purchase again without hesitation

    Here's a picture of mine in action.
  11. nick_rh

    nick_rh Stunt Coordinator

    Jan 1, 2003
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    It's not much, but it's honest...

    Make/Model: Sony Wega KV27-FS100
    Size/Type: 27" 4x3 tube, standard def.
    Price you paid for it: $465 (September 2001)
    Good things: Great picture especially with DVDs, 16x9 mode, plenty of inputs, nice remote
    Bad things: No PIP, no 16x9 auto-detect, have to cycle through inputs
    Overall: Are you happy with it? (yes/no) Yes, very much
  12. Marcel_V

    Marcel_V Stunt Coordinator

    Mar 24, 2003
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    Make/Model: Panny 47wx42
    Size/Type: 47" rptv widescreen
    Price you paid for it: ~1400@C.C
    Good things: Great bang for buck, super movie quality after tuning. Picture without screen shield glare is great even with sun coming in windows.
    Bad things: Doesnt have quite the refinement that higher models have like the Mits with full wooden cabinets (the panny has a plastic half shell). Also not quite as many options/frills in basic user menus and displays/remotes as the higher end models.
    Overall: Are you happy with it? Oh yes
  13. Josh_SR

    Josh_SR Stunt Coordinator

    Mar 21, 2003
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    Make/Model: RCA / D52W135D

    Size/Type: 52" / RPTV

    Price you paid for it: 2000.00 on 3/12/03

    Good things: Very nice black and siver cabnet, has wheels and is very light to move around, has an intergraded DVD player with some good options, Has 2 outputs for extra speakers, the on screen menus look crisp and clear. nice picture (i think can be better with tweaking)

    Bad things: If you dont site in the right spot....the top of the screen will be to dark, anything that is red on the screen is blocky and very noticable, compaired to what i am reading in these forums..... this tv dont have alot of tweaking options, cant tell what rez the tv is displaying

    Overall: Are you happy with it? (yes/no) I cant tell yet
  14. JimC_A

    JimC_A Stunt Coordinator

    Jul 24, 2002
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    Make/Model: Toshiba 50H82
    Size/Type: 50/RPTV
    Price you paid for it: $1979 @ Best Buy 24 mos free interest
    Good things: Great pic w/DVD and HDTV, good pic w/digital cable
    Bad things: Glare on the screen, Should have 3 HD inputs, Should have bought the 57"
    Overall: Are you happy with it? (yes/no) YES
  15. Alan M

    Alan M Second Unit

    Jan 3, 2003
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    Model and brand:Toshiba 65h82
    size: 65" hd rptv 16x9
    Price you paid: $1995 on sale at frys in january
    Good: great picture with dvd's and hd tv
    Bad:glare,and when I 1st brought it home,looked terrible until it was calibrated.
    Overall: very pleased with this set and would recommend it
  16. Jeff Pounds

    Jeff Pounds Second Unit

    Jun 6, 2000
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    Cool... here we go...

    Make/Model: Panasonic PT53WX42

    Size/Type: 53" 16:9 HD RPTV

    Price you paid for it: ~$1,700 at Ultimate Electronics in Nov. '02.

    Good things: Echoing comments from my fellow Panny owners -- excellent bang for the buck. Very easily tweakable to obtain excellent image and a wealth of information out there on the tweaks, including the well-known "panny.tv" site. Also has a pretty decent stretch mode for 4:3 regular TV material.

    Bad things: Doesn't accept 720p; no DVI input.

    Overall: Are you happy with it? (yes/no) Absolutly! Couldn't be happier! [​IMG]
  17. Ken Custodio

    Ken Custodio Second Unit

    Dec 5, 2001
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    Make/Model: TOSHIBA 50H82 (ISF calibrated by G.LOEWEN)
    Size/Type: 50" HDTV Monitor (NO HDTV Tuner)
    Price you paid for it: $1799 @ BESTBUY
    Good things: Great Stretch Modes, Good PQ, only 22" deep, Nice POP/PIP setup, has big flat top for center speaker, good bang for the buck.
    Bad things: 540P loose a little resolution, frame is silver not black, can't use PIP/POP with a component source.
    Overall: Very happy with it, would buy it again, but with a bigger screen [​IMG]
  18. John Royster

    John Royster Screenwriter

    Oct 14, 2001
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    guess I'm the only one who doesn't love one of his HDtvs?
  19. DarrenH

    DarrenH Agent

    Feb 28, 2003
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    Make/Model: Sony 32FS100 Wega Trinitron
    Size/Type: 32" Flat Screen Rear Projection
    Price you paid for it: sister won it in giveaway, bought from her for $400 [​IMG]
    Good things: Crisp picture, nice OSD, flat screen
    Bad things: Very heavy, only one component input, not HD
    Overall: Are you happy with it? (yes/no) Yes
  20. DaveGTP

    DaveGTP Cinematographer

    Jul 24, 2002
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    He He He he he he *evil laugh*...probably not the kind of response you were expecting...

    Make/Model/Size/Type: Zenith POS 27" with S-video, 3 yrs old
    Price you paid for it: g/f bought it for me for Xmas, $280
    Good things: Works OK
    Bad things: S-video OR composite connection is irritating for my gazillion game systems.
    Remote died (although the puppy was seen running with it in his mouth at one point...cause of death inconclusive).

    Menus are ghosted about .5 inch; test looks a little fuzzy due to some ghosting on the TV, making RPGs sometimes hard on the eyes
    Overall: Are you happy with it? Sort of? Better than the 20-ish inch wooden box ancient console TV that we had at the time: the sound on the old one would randomly triple every few days for a minute or so, scaring the bejesus out of everyone. My Zenith POS is better than the last rummage sale/college student POS I had before.
    Didn't know anything about HT at the time, I would buy something else now. Upgrade to 42" Panny Plasma in my future someday, I hope.

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