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What's your internet movie/dvd update checking daily routine? (1 Viewer)


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Jul 28, 2001
I was thinking about this, and wondering if mine was a typical routine!
I usually log on at some point during the day, and depending on how much time I can spare I do the following update checks:
If I've only got 5-20 minutes
1) Check my email
2) Check DVDFile
If I've got anything up to an hour, the first two, and:
3) Check Movies, Polls, Software and After Hours on the HTF
4) Check daily industry news at the IMDB
5) Check Amazon/DVDEmpire for new preorders
If I have loads of time (which is rare):
6) Check Dark Horizons
7) Check Aint-it-Cool
And only once in a while
8) Browse eBay if I'm looking for something and it isn't worth shelling out full price.
I expect Digital Bits will be on many of your check lists, but I've never really been able to get into it. I usually find DVDFile gives me all the news I need!

Matthew Chmiel

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Apr 26, 2000
1) Check my e-mail (which I rarely have)
2) Check out DVDFile.com
3) Come to the HTF and go to Software -> Movies -> TV Shows -> After Hours -> Polls - Studio/Manufacture Feedback -> etc.
4) Check out other DVD websites (DVD Shrine, DVD Angle, The Digital Bits, DVD Authority, Horror DVDs, and DVD Review)
5) Come back to the HTF to post some more :)
6) Check DVDPriceSearch.com for lowest prices on DVDs
7) Surf the IMDB
8) Come back to the HTF to post some more :)
9) Go to DarkHorizons.com
and so on and so on... :)

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