What's your goal system?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Jonathan Lofgren, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. Jonathan Lofgren

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    Jul 10, 2001
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    I am amazed by all of the different speakers there are, and at all kinds of different prices. I'm struggling with the law of diminishing returns and am wondering what's "good enough". I am just wondering what you all are shooting for? What's the set-up that you are planning to buy and be content with? I'm not asking what you'd buy if you had an infinite amount of money, I'm asking what you actually plan to buy with your money. When will you be done and content to enjoy what you've researched and saved for? If you're already content, what do you have? Thanks!
  2. Jesse Sharrow

    Jesse Sharrow Supporting Actor

    Jul 11, 2003
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    Content! BAH! Thats my answer. My dream system right now is just to have one.

    But I would proably say... Hmmmm. Proably a full B&W Nautilus 800 System. With a 40" LCD or Samsung 50" DLP. With a Krell Stack.
  3. ChrisChap

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    Apr 25, 2003
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    Since you asked for a realistic system, my attainable dream system would be:

    JBL studio series speakers all the way around, SVS cylinder sub, 100w/ch Yamaha 7.1/DTS receiver, a nice progressive scan DVD player, DirecTV HD/Tivo receiver, with an SVGA 16:9 DLP projector.
  4. Kevinkall

    Kevinkall Second Unit

    Mar 20, 2003
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    I don't think I will EVER be content. There is always something better out there. It seems anymore that something better is being released everyday. I'm content with the setup that I have now...

    Paradigm Titans(mains)
    Paradigm Atoms(surrounds)
    Sony WM40(sub)

    I'm content until I can afford to upgrade again. My dream is to have a deciated home theater room with stadium seating and the works.
  5. Scott Oliver

    Scott Oliver Screenwriter

    Aug 30, 2000
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    Well it took me several years and various major changes, but I am pretty much done, at least on the audio side of things.

    Still need to get a front projector and screen for video, but that won't be until about two years.

    My system cost me quite a bit but it is worth every penny[​IMG]
    JM Reynaud Offrandes
    Art Audio Concerto MK2
    Granite Audio 770fp
    Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck
    Hadcock GH242SE w/Incognito tonearm
    Benz Micro ACE H2 cartridge
    Sony DVP-S7000
    Theta Casa Nova SSP
    Bag End Infrasub-18

    There are still a few little things that I want to investigate to wring every last bit of music out my system, such as interconnects need to be upgraded, power cords, power conditioning, turntable motor speed controller, better cartridge like the Music Maker MK2, better digital source. But the cost of all that shades in comparison to the rest of it. So that is why I consider myself done, as my main components are set and giving me huge grins, and I am certainly content.

    Oh and my system goal is the most realistic reproduction of the true instrument or voice, timbre in other words. As I have found it takes quite a system to fool the ear into thinking it is hearing a real voice in a real space. Only if it can do this does the performance then start to become emotional to me, and this is system goal 1A. Make music emotional, touch the heart strings, make me forget I am only listening to a stereo. Emotion over hi-fi always for me, please. These goals sound fairly simple, but in truth I have found them to be extremely difficult to achieve as only 5 out of hundreds have connected with me in such a way. Thankfully, mine is one of the five.

    My advice is don't rush into setting a system goal, or should I say don't rush into buying something. Listen to everything possible first. There are so many brands out there that it is a shame so many only limit themselves to the biggest and most popular brands.
    I have been into high end audio for five years, it took me four of those years to discover what I really wanted from my system.
  6. Kevin_R_H

    Kevin_R_H Stunt Coordinator

    Jan 3, 2002
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    Scott and I have a number of things in common. We're probably more oriented towards 2-channel enjoyment than most on this board. We both have tube amps. And we are both very satisfied with our present systems.

    First of all, I'm not a typical audiophile. I have never experienced "upgrade-itis". When the time comes, I buy the very best equipment I can afford (after saving for years and years). For example, I just updated my system last year. I replaced a power amp, preamp, and turntable that I had bought back in 1980. The speakers I replaced (Thiel CS-3.5) were bought in 1989. I'm one of those people who if I can't afford exactly what I want, I wait (and save) until I can afford it (rather than compromising now).

    So, my intention is to keep the stuff I bought last year for 12 - 15 years (although I am considering adding a dedicated CD Player to try to bring my digital reproduction somewhat closer to vinyl).

    All the following equipment is integrated into one system. My listening/viewing room is 16'W x 15'D x 8'H.

    My 2-channel stuff:
    KORA Cosmos Monoblocks
    KORA Eclipse Stereo Preamp
    Basis 1400 Turntable
    Rega RB-250 Tonearm (modded for Basis)
    Benz Micro MC-Gold Cartridge
    VMPS RM40 Loudspeakers

    My HT stuff:
    Sanyo PLV-60HT Front Projector
    Yamaha DSP-E492 A/V Integrated Amp
    Panasonic DVD-RP91 DVD Player
    PSB Alpha S Bipolar Rear Speakers

    I use BetterCables Silver Serpents all around (interconnects, A/V cables, speaker cables, long run Balanced XLR cables from preamp to monoblocks).

    Note that for movies, I have no Center Speaker and no Subwoofer. If interested, you can go find some of my old posts to explain this philosophy (as well as my philosophy of spending the lion's share of cash on 2-channel, and relatively little on HT amps/speakers).

    Good luck,
  7. Gordon Groff

    Gordon Groff Second Unit

    Nov 27, 2002
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    I went right to my "sweet spot" of value and am better than content with:

    Full Rocket 7 speaker system (RS750's mains, 300's sides, 250 rears, and "Bigfoot" RS200 center)

    Denon 3803 w/two Haffler power amps for the mains and center. Only using the Denon to power the sides and rears. (hybrid pre-pro approach)

    Dual SVS Ultra subwoofers powered by a Crown K2 2000 watt amp and stacked vertically. (Okay, this is excessive) [​IMG]

    Sanyo PLV-70 PJ with a Bravo D1 player for DVI connect onto a DaLite HiPower screen.

    Seriously, I wanted to avoid "upgradeitis" and attempted to go with the optimal performance/cost system right away. I believe I hit it.

  8. Alex Prosak

    Alex Prosak Supporting Actor

    Dec 9, 2001
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    Like Gordon, I am completely content with my HT system. It consists of:

    Rocket speakers (750 mains, 200 center, 300s dipoles, 150s surround back)
    SVS PB-2+ sub
    Outlaw 950/7100 combo
    Denon DVD-2900
    Mitsubishi WS-55908 RPTV

    My 2CH system is another story. Right now I'm using an Adcom GFA-545 & GTP-500 (power & pre), Rega Planet CD player, and Magnepan MG-I speakers. I'm fairly happy with it but an upgrade is in the future. Right now I'm thinking Maggie 3.6 speakers and the rest I'm not sure about yet. Lots of auditioning to do first. Possibly a tube pre and a hefty solid state amp (Mac MC-352 maybe?, used from Audiogon). I'll probably mix and match until I find what works for me.

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