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    What is the difference between the Krell Home Theater Standard and the Showcase Pre Pro ?
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    To clarify, The HTS is in it's 3rd version. There was the HTS, The HTS 2, and now the HTS 7.1 The showcase was introduced a little over a year ago.

    HTS 7.1 vs Showcase; there a few feature differences

    both have 7.1 processing, THX Ultra certification, room eq, multi zone, balanced outputs, same remote.

    The HTS 7.1 ($8000 MSRP) is the most current version of the HTS. basically, it is built to a higher standard than the Showcase. Better power supply section, higher quality DACs on all channels, overall better sound. Silver buttons. Red lettering on black background LED display.

    The Showcase ($4000 MSRP) Has more digital inputs. Black buttons. Red lettering, on red back ground LED display- Harder to read.

    That said, the HTS 7.1 is just sonically better, in my opinion. However, the Showcase sounds so good, you not may regret saving $4000. Audition them both.

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