Whats the best way to connect audigy2 to my HK230?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Jeff-0, Nov 18, 2004.

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    Nov 16, 2004
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    i can go with the discrete inputs (6ch direct) on my HK from the audigy2 but from what i understand it will completely pass the input from the source (my PC) directly through to the volume control without any analog or digital conversion.

    this seems like it would be a good choice as i can set everything in my audigy software and the HK will simply be an amp. i think this is the only way i can truly get 5.1.............am i correct?
    option 2 is simply using an 1/8mini to RCA y adapter to input to something like my HK cd input (analog also)

    i think this would let the HK process all the front, rear, and sub info. this is probably the most widely used method but i think it gives alot up.

    option 3 is to use the same 1/8 mini to RCA and run it from the audigy's digital to the digital coax input of my HK.

    im not too sure how this one works and how the signal travels thru this setup??? also if i will get 5.1 this way?
    i always thought digital coax was diff. from a normal RCA but from what i have read i guess it works ok.

    the card is an Audigy 2 ZS
    im open for any advice or suggestions on this. i plan to assemble my HTPC this weekend. i cant wait to fire this Ahanix D-4 case up.

    Thanks in advance.....J
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    There may be different specs for digital coax vs. plain old RCA, but they are physically similar. I have read of people using coat hangers and lamp cords. The point with digital is that it the signal is "perfect" and resistant to degradation until the point that it begins to fail completely. The distance is a factor.

    If the digital works -- no distortions or signal drops, either of which would be pretty obvious -- then that's better. There's also just one cable instead of six. You will get 5.1 if the signal is a recognized multi-channel format like DD or DTS. If it's a game, then you will probably need to use the discrete six, because the games generate multi-channel audio directly, and don't encode into DD or DTS.

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