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What's the best I can do for 1500$??

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Marco Tatta, May 24, 2002.

  1. Marco Tatta

    Marco Tatta Auditioning

    May 23, 2002
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    From the looks of this forum, seems I am a zero short of an adequate budget...

    Anyhow, my needs are as follows :

    1-I watch about half brodcast, half DVD
    2-I want to maximize screen size, but not at the expense of image quality (I have seen a Hitachi RPTV(50DX10?) with scan lines visible across the room...yuk....)
    3-I want at least a 32 viwewing area
    4-My viewing room will be very far from light controlled

    I was seriously looking at the toshiba 36 inch cinema series tube, until I read about the used fptvs and new RPTV Toshibas coming out. Now i'm just not sure.

    BTW, the budget is flexible, if there is a real good value a few hundred dollars from target.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Brajesh Upadhyay

    Brajesh Upadhyay Supporting Actor

    Jul 11, 1998
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    Here's a Panny 47" 16:9 RPTV for just $1,399. Check pricescan.com for 40" & 42" Toshiba RPTVs, which should also be in your price range. Good luck.
  3. David_Rivshin

    David_Rivshin Second Unit

    Dec 13, 2001
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    I'm far from an expert, but here are my thoughts anyways [​IMG] Since your room will not be light controlled a direct-view set would probably be your best bet. RPTV's are more difficult to view in fully lighted conditions, although I hear they are getting better in that regard. If I were to buy a set in that price range today (which I'm actually considering in the not too distant future) I'd go for one of the Panasonic Tau HX41 direct view sets. They have had good reviews and can be had for reasonable prices. I believe Onecall quoted me about $1200 for the 32" set, the 36" set should be within your budget. The Wega HS20 models are, I believe, the comparable units from Sony. I considered 34" widescreen sets, but they are about $1000 more expensive than a 36" 4:3 set, and only have a few percent more image area in widescreen mode, and significantly less in 4:3 mode which is still important to me.
    Hope this helps [​IMG]
    -- Dave

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