What's the best bargain progressive scan player available?

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    Greetings guys. I just returned from a couple of months in Europe and am looking to (finally) upgrade to a progressive scan player to take full advantage of my 40H80 16:9 display. I'm concerned about all the associated issues with 3:2 pulldown but am not prepared to drop thousands of dollars on a Camelot player, so don't even suggest it. [​IMG]
    When I left, I had been eyeing the JVC XV-723GD as its DVD-Audio capabilities appealed to me and the price seemed quite low. Is this still the preferred progressive+DVD-A player? (Or has everyone given up on DVD-Audio until bass management problems are solved?)
    It seems a lot of people are looking at the JVC S65-GD, particularly given its ability to do faked upconversion of non-anamorphic material. This player is remarkably cheap and the CD-R/CD-RW capacity appeals to me.
    I'm open to any suggestions, basically, and am particularly interested in hearing whether JVC has a replacement for the 723 on the way with a price point closer to that of the S65. Also, is there any viable progressive+DVD-A player with multi-region capability? I remember Apex showing a player of that nature at CES this year.
    Thanks in advance for the help!
    EDIT: Just saw the XV-SA70B/XV-SA75GD which appears to be the successor to the XV723-GD. Has anyone tried this model out? If so, how is the 3:2 pulldown and is there any bass management for the DVD-Audio?
    My oh so exciting DVD collection.
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    Go to the DVD hardware forum on www.AVSforum.com
    I like this forum, it's a great general forum however there are other forums more suited to specialist information.
    For progressive DVD players and those from the Far East - the AVSforum is it.
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    It depends whether you want the "best bargain" or best "bargain" level player.
    By far the "best bargain" is the rp91. It's about $500 but worth a lot more than that.
    If you're looking for a "bargain" player, as in cheap, those are players I'm not personally familiar with, so can't help you there.
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