What's the best 50 inch TV?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by John_Klimek, Feb 2, 2005.

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    I'm trying to do some research for my father who is looking to buy a high-end television. He wants a 50 inch or something very close to it and money isn't a huge concern but I don't think he wants to spend over $4,000 (he's thinking more in the $2,500/$3,500 range though).

    Last night he went down to Best Buy and was looking at Mitsuibishi and a Sony Vega. He said the Sony Vega looked MUCH better than that Mitsuibishi... I doubt the sale associate knew anything though (all they care about is selling monster cable).

    So... since I don't know the thing about high-end televisions I come here seeking advice from the experts.

    Any opinions would be GREATLY appriciated.
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    Oct 29, 2004
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    John, no one is going to name one brand or model that is best.

    Each type of technology (RP-CRT, RP-LCD, DLP, DILA, plasma, etc.) has different strengths and weaknesses. These are often dependent on how/where the set is going to be used.

    If you can be more specific about that, we might be able to provide a bit more useful advice.


    How much usage?

    Where is it going?

    Can light in the room be controlled?

    What kind of program viewing?

    Is HD in the picture?
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    Interesting.. If he pic'd a Sony LCD RTV, just by a casual viewing in the store.

    I almost agree with the choice myself. Sony's latest LCD RPTV's are real good. They always seem to get the nod from me over the DLP's anymore.
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    I helped my dad get hooked up with his first ever big screen and we decided on the Mitsubishi 52725 DLP 52" TV and all I can say is it is one amazing TV.

    Picture (using Cablecard from Cox cable) is AMAZING, and best of all it's very easy to use..he figured out all the main features within an hour of getting it all hooked up.

    I negotiated a deal with Ultimate Electronics (using Best Buys weekend sale prices) and got the set for just shy of $3000 and got a 5 year warranty for the price of a 3 year plan..and free delivery...Overall a great deal.

    I highly recommend this TV.

    Note that the 725 and 825 have MUCH better screen protectors..the 52525 sold at Best Buy has one of the worst protectors because it reflects WAY to much light that's in the room (windows etc). You can take the screen off if you wish, but you better be careful after that so as not to scratch the exposed screen.

    MITSUBISHI 52725

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