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What's on your non-fiction/documentary/variety series Dream List? (1 Viewer)


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Nov 23, 2007
Alberta Canada
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Neil Brock said:
The Joe Pyne Show - This was the first of the confrontational crackpot guest shows. Morton Downey Jr,, Wally George and the rest were all imitations. Pyne was classic and there is a company who actually somehow acquired a set of tapes of the show, although its doubtful they would ever release any of it.

The Alan Burke Show - Similar to Pyne, although Metromedia likely trashed the tapes long ago and I'm sure its gone. Only seen one 10-15 second clip ever turn up.

Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman - 26 episode series shot in the early 60s. I only have one episode and it seems like an interesting show about Truman's presidency and he contributed to the making of it.
I've never heard of this documentary series about TRUMAN, but I'd likely find it of great interest...some of these latter day presidents who think they've had a tough year in office should take a look at just about any year of the Truman presidency...especially 1950-51...they might feel less put upon...

I, of course would love to have access to all of the CBS "20th Century" series, regardless of subject matter...and "Air Power" in it's entirety...

I would like to have "Crusade in Europe" based on Eisenhower's ww2 memoirs...also a 26 part, 30 minute series...

For me, the quality documentaries I find are few and far between...usually on PBS...Discovery channel, A+E, TLC etc., all fell victim years ago to the great dumbing down...


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May 29, 2012
New jersey
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Lou Antonicello
American Bandstand ! I'd love to see whole shows from the late 50's and early 60's.That goes for Dick Clark's Saturday night Beechnut show as well. With Clark' passing , maybe someone like Shout Factory or Time Life will take an interest.


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Nov 26, 2012
SE Missouri
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Ron Reagan (not that one!)
It's a pipe dream, but I'd love to see Hee Haw in its entirety on DVD. Can you imagine the nightmare of trying to clear 23 years/585 shows for musical numbers? Thankfully, RFD-TV is airing it on Sunday nights but even they are simply keeping up with the original broadcast schedule of one episode per week, one season per year.


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Dec 23, 2014
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howard hughes
Although not technically a documentary and more of a docudrama, I would like to see more of you are there, hosted by cronkite, it was pretty influential and popular back in its heydey in the 50s, i'm pretty sure the series survives in tact since many of its episodes were distributed amongst schools as teaching aids for history courses.

Walter Kittel

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Dec 28, 1998
Reading the selections in this thread, reminded me of an older mini-series that I viewed on PBS in the early 1980s that I'd enjoy revisiting...

War by Gwynne Dyer. The mini-series examined various facets of warfare, including the evolution of warfare, its causes, how nations prepare for war, and the possible future of war. It features interviews with Nato and Warsaw pact commanders, amongst others. Filmed in the early 1980s it might be a bit dated in some ways, but a lot of the program material is just as relevant as it was 30 years ago.

I still remember this interview with this old Soviet general who was a veteran of WWII (and had a chest full of medals). He was discussing nuclear war and posited that no nation would surrender until it had employed all of the weapons at its disposal.

- Walter.

Peter M Fitzgerald

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Mar 21, 1999
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Peter Fitzgerald
I'm not sure I'd necessarily want to own the whole run of it, and I might very well tire of it after just an episode or two, but I'd also love to see the videotaped 1967-69 run of Divorce Court again, if any of that videotaped material still exists these days. I remember seeing reruns of it in syndication the mid-1970s.

I've never seen any footage from it on YouTube, except for the opening of an Australian version from the late '60s. Instead, there's tons of episodes/clips of the modern version (which I have zero interest in), and a few from the 1980s version, which is somewhat more like the original series, but doesn't quite hit the 'nostalgia buzz' bullseye for me.

Dave B Ferris

Apr 27, 2000
A complete run of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Based on the special "Month of Zen" promotion coinciding with Jon's imminent retirement, we know that 42-days would be required to watch the complete run.

Throw in Colbert, too.

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