Whats Next for HT?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Brian Osborne, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. Brian Osborne

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    Sep 2, 2005
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    Just because there is sooo many people going for the Home Theater experience I'm guessing that there will be an explosion of different products coming onto the market that will help you become more of a part of your favorite movie.
    I admit, I was sold on the gadgets, and glad that I was. I installed shakers in the floor, have 7.1 with 2 dual sub boxes, projector and a 90" screen. I'm happy.
    but now I see something else that I want....

    So, I pose this question to the members of this forum..
    What is next?

    Moving chairs - see link above.
    Tactile sound - see my HT and several others for that matter.

    coming soon...?
    Temp controlled by movie situation....
    Color changing ambient light - just getting started with some flat TVs - still in its infancy. I bet there will more to this very soon...

    what would take you into the movie a little more?
    edit: include links if there is already such a product out there...
  2. G_Courtney_A_A

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    Feb 10, 2006
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    ...I'd be happy if I could just get rid of my current 10 year old Sony 27 incher!

    Oh well, planning from a couple years out is half the fun!
  3. Jack Ferry

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    Jack Ferry

    I've got a process I'm going to patent called Real Life II. With this system, you'll experience incredible colors and textures that have never before been seen in any HT system. My overpriced certified installers will come into your theater and first install the new display portal I refer to as a "window". It will operate in two modes that, for now, I'm calling "open" and "closed". In the open mode, the picture will be the most dynamic, with realism that simply isn't possible with other technologies.

    If you really want to feel a part of the action, you'll need to wait for our next product, tentatively called a "door".

    I'm going to make a fortune.

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