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    Anyone else love What's My Line? I always catch the old reruns on Game Show Network at 12:30am, and I would LOVE to have them on DVD.

    While most game shows would never make a good season set, I think What's My Line is an exception due to the cavalcade of celebrities that appeared every week. At the very least, I'd like to see a compilation of the weekly celebrity "Mystery Guest," something I've been doing for several months, taping off the TV.

    I am continually amazed at the caliber of guests... almost any star you can think of appeared on that show. I couldn't even start to list them, but here's an incomplete list:


    Plus, knowing the background of panelist/journalist Dorothy Kilgallen makes the show extra-interesting at times, especially when you can tell the poor woman is drunk. (As I noticed a few weeks ago... then all of a sudden Dorothy was "in the hospital" with no explanation as to what the problem was... then a few episodes later she was the surprise Mystery Guest, then was back on the show. I'm assuming she was drying out when she was "in the hospital.")

    Then, of course, Dorothy tragically died of a drug overdose during the 1964 season, which there's whole webpages about, since she was about to publish an interview she did with Jack Ruby and a story on the Kennedy assasination. (Apparently the interview notes have never been found.)

    Anyone know which studio owns the rights to this show? I would love a DVD release... it's such a great piece of history, and a wonderful record of 1950s/60s attitudes, fashion, humor, etc. (Though apparently most of Season One and Two are missing!)
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    Yup, I love 'What's My Line', too. The main reason I up-
    graded to TIVO was so I could watch the episodes. How-
    ever, I almost always delete the episodes as soon as
    I am done watching them.

    At the forum on TV.COM (formerly TV TOME) a generous
    member is offering to send fellow fans of the show
    a free CD he 'burned' of the 'WML at 25' special.
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    Smore entertainment is considering several Goodson-Todman properties for release. You might want to drop them a note to express your interest:

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