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    I have speaker wires in the walls of my home that were placed there when the house was built a few years ago. The wires are routed to a modular wiring system/box in the closet of my study. Wires also run from the modular system to my TV, AMP, Cable box, etc. area.I need two items that I don't know the names of and haven't found what I'm looking for so I found this forum and hope you can help.First, I know the general location of the speaker wires in my walls. I need some sort of tone generator to place on the end of the wire I the modular system, and the some sort of wireless receptor at the other end so that I can locate the specific point in the walls to place the speakers.I've only found tracing generators and probes that require physical access to both ends of the cable.Second, the modular wiring box needs some sort of a termination block to attach the wires that come from the speaker end of wires to the wires that route to the TV area of my home. In data terms I'd call this a patch panel or distribution block. I'm told this item will have 4 rows of at least 4 screws.Can anyone here help me with the correct names for these items and point me in the direction of a supplier?Thank you.
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    Wait, you (or prior owner) had speaker wire ran to "spots", but didn't just cover the spots with plates?Also, can you put a picture up of where this block is that everything comes to?

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