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What's ideal room length for front projection? (1 Viewer)


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Oct 7, 2000
Might be remodeling my house which means I'll be able to build a dream theater. What would the best dimensions be if I wanted to use a front projector and screen? What would minimum be? Figure 7 seats in 2 rows.

Jeff Engel

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Feb 13, 2002
It depends totaly on which projector you get and how big you want the screen. I would say a minimum distance would be about 20ft deep. My room is about 19.5 and my second row of seating is a little close to the rear speakers in my opinion. Of course my first row of seating is only 10 ft from the screen so if you want the first row to be further back then you would need even more room. maybe 23 feet or more in length. Also, I would figure a minimum of 16 ft in width. So I would say 23 by 17 or so.


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Jan 10, 2001

Jeff is entirely correct regarding the projector and screen dictating (to a large extent) room dimensions, but there are other factors to be aware of.

My theater happens to be the exact dimensions Jeff mentioned at 23'L x 17'W. Now I will have two rows of seating as well so I have an 8' deep riser for the second row. This means my first row will be at most 15' from the front wall.

I also will have a screen wall set off the front wall by about 18"-24" (center speaker behind screen) so now my first row to screen distance is only about 13'. My screen will be 60"H x 107"W and I will be using an LCD projector so this is about as close as I want my first row. (around 1.5x screen width)

There are a lot of factors that go into what the right size room is for you, and in the end you'll find that there really is no "perfect size". You need to start with a baseline and work from there. You already know how many people you want to seat and how many rows you want so work your way out from there. The type of seating will also need to be determined (i.e. leather recliners vs. "theater" seats, for instance) as this will affect the width you require.

Once you have a baseline and the absolute extreme dimensions you possibly have to work with post back with the particulars and I'm sure we can give you more specific recommendations or suggestions.

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