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What would you do? Bi-amp or bridge? (1 Viewer)

Gary Q

Jan 28, 2003
I have a spare amp channel.
I'm using two Carver M500-t amps to drive the mains (Paradigm Studio 40s) and the center (Paradigm Studio CC) speaker. I have a third M500-t on the way, but until then, what would you do with the spare channel on the amp driving the center channel?

1)Bridge the amp and drive the center channel with 700w, (binding posts bridged on the CC).
2)Or bi-amp the Center Channel and drive the highs with one channel and the lows with the other (271watts into each).

Until the third amp arrives, these two options are the only feasible ones as far as I can see, e.g., I don’t think it would make sense to bi-amp or bridge the amp to one of the mains.

The pros and cons as far as I can see are:
Bridging the amp and driving the CC with 700w will provide smooth effortless power to and sound from the CC (calibrated accordingly to reference/ level with all other speakers).
Bi-amping the CC will provide better highs and lows there (maybe?) but how critical is that on the CC? --with 271w into each driver section.
(Bi-amping seems to make more sense on the mains where you might get more clarity and separation across the channels, but Paradigm obviously thinks it makes sense on the CC too, because they do add the additional posts on that speaker).

Your thoughts?
Thanks, Gary

My setup:

·Sony DVP-S530D
·Hitachi Ultravision 50
·Denon 3803
·Main Speakers – Paradigm Studio 40s
·Center Channel – Paradigm Studio CC
·Surround Speakers – Paradigm ADPs
·Subwoofer – SVS 20-39Pci
·Carver M500-t, dedicated to Mains
·Carver M500-t, dedicated to CC

The Denon is driving the ADP surrounds (plenty of power for them), and the SVS 20-39 has its own amp, of course.

My plan when the third M500-t arrives is to bi-amp to the mains and the CC, or bi-amp to the mains and bridge to the CC, (yes the question remains). ;)
My first thought was to use the third M500-t to drive the ADPs, but that just doesn’t make sense given their use—i.e., the Denon’s 110w to them should suffice, esp. considering the Denon’s other amp channels are all idle—allows the Denon to focus all its amplification effort on the surrounds.

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