What would make some good classic Sesame Street DVD releases?

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    I've been thinking, what would make some good DVD releases of "Classic Sesame Street", besides a continuation of the "Old School" sets (and we haven't had any new ones in two years)?

    Warner Bros. currently holds the DVD rights to the show, and these days it seems like when WB releases multi-disc sets of childrens/family properties it's usually two discs.

    I have recently thought maybe a two-disc set with four of the show's most notable episodes from the 1980s (Mr. Hooper's death, Snuffy revealed, Maria and Luis' wedding, and Gabbi's birth). Bonus features could include interviews/commentaries regarding those shows, plus bonus footage related to those episodes. Like a compilation of bonus clips starring Mr. Hooper, a compilation of clips where the characters talk about thinking Snuffy is imaginary (or where they just barely miss Snuffy), clips from street scenes involving Maria and Luis falling in love and getting engaged, and clips from street stories invovling Maria's pregnacy.

    I think the six Hawaii episodes from season 9 coudl fit on two discs as well. I recently read at Muppet Wiki that there were several episodes leading up to the six-parter that invovled getting ready for the trip, with Buffy inviting them to Hawaii, the cast trying to raise money for the trip, Snuffy revealing that Hawaii is where Snuffleupaguses come from, and Big Bird going on a game show and winning the trip. I know that the episode following the trip had at least one scene where the cast returned from their trip, but all these street scenes could be included as bonuses (though would "part 1" really be considered "part 1", considering they don't actually go to hawaii until "part 2"?).

    I could also go for some insert-only collections, with no linking footage. Maybe some chronological character insert sketch collections, or more random choices, or maybe some highlighting certain characters plus others (like "Cookie Monster and Friends" or "Bert & Ernie and Friends"). And some decade collections, though each "decade" would begin with the end of the previous decade. Maybe give them titles like "Sesame Street: 1969 + 1970s Collection", and they can include street stories and inserts. I can think of quite a few existing features that would also be good for such releases.
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    Here is what I think would make a good line-up for a "Sesame Street: 1969+1970s Collection".

    Disc 1: 1969-1974

    Rubber Duckie (the real original version, not the most commonly-seen version with the blue background that Sesame Workshop tends to incorrectly cite as being from season one)

    The People in Your Neighborhood: Postman and Fireman

    Alphabet Bates: S

    The Mr. and Mrs. Game: Part 1

    Henson #9

    The Mr. and Mrs. Game: Part 2

    Kermit and Grover: In the Box

    Buddy and Jim: Ironing Board

    Crossover C

    Henson E Claymation

    Poverty X

    Professor Hastings: Y Lecture

    James Earl Jones: The Alphabet

    Jazz #8

    Bert and Ernie: Sandbox Game

    Everyone Likes Ice Cream

    Batman: Dirty Windows

    Chickety Chick

    Prairie Dawn: Monster Addition

    Bert and Ernie: Banana in Ear - Part 1

    Operatic Orange

    Bert and Ernie: Banana in Ear - Part 2

    Seven Monsters

    Bert and Ernie: Banana in Ear - Part 3

    Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot: HELP

    Somebody Come and Play

    Bill Cosby: 20

    Henson Computer #10


    Today's Secret Drawing: Camel

    Sherlock Hemlock: S

    Harvey Kneeslapper: B

    Three on Lady's Lap

    Bert Gets Locked Out

    Kermit and Grover: Snowman

    The Lonely N Song

    Mad Painter #2

    The Sound of the Letter A

    That's About the Size of It

    Hi Friend

    Gordon Builds a Model Airplane

    Luis: AGUA

    Kermit and John-John: Loud and Soft

    The Count and Cookie Monster Co-Operate

    The Golden An

    Kermit's Magic Finger Drawing: K

    Roosevelt Franklin: Traffic

    Christopher Clumsy: Shapes

    Grover's Restaurant: The Count's Hot Dogs

    Bert and Ernie: Cookies in Bed


    Julius and Jasper: Elbows

    Lena Horne: Bein' Green

    Willie Wimple: Land Pollution

    Johnny Cash: Five Feet High and Rising

    Big Bird Rhymes Hooper

    Sesame Street News: Old Mother Hubbard

    Count It Higher

    Bonus Feature: This Way to Sesame Street (1969 preview special)

    Disc 2: 1974-1979

    Grover: Near and Far

    Roosevelt Franklin: Here and There

    Speedy Maria Subtracts Chairs

    Ernie and Cookie Monster: Same and Different

    Grover's Restaurant: Big Burger


    I'm Square

    Sand Animation: I

    Typewriter: I

    Bert and Ernie: The Count Sleeps Over - Part 1

    Harvey Kneeslapper: Gimmie Five

    Bert and Ernie: The Count Sleeps over - Part 2

    Anything Muppets Draw Shapes

    Kermit and Grover: The Earmuff Salesman

    Pinball Animation #5

    The Anything-in-the-World Prize Game

    I Want a Monster to Be My Friend

    Biff and Sully Share a Drink

    Marshall Grover: Front and Back

    Twiddlebugs: Cutting Flowers

    Judy Collins and Snuffy: Alphabet

    Super Grover: Broken Bag

    There's a Hole in the Bucket

    Buffy Breastfeeds Cody

    Milk Film

    The Cursed Prince

    Mumford: Magic

    Simon Soundman and the Colonal

    Admiral Bird

    How to Get to Yellowstone Park

    Two-Headed Monster: Cooperation Story

    Cookie Monster Describes a Phone

    Prairie Dawn's Teeth Pageant

    Fonzie: A

    Buffy: I'm Going to Be a Country Girl

    Billy Jo Jive: Bad News Barton

    Bert and Ernie: Meet the Martians

    Oscar Jogs in Central Park

    Ringmaster #2

    Ernie and Jason: Mirrors

    Special Feature: A Walking Tour of Sesame Street with James Earl Jones

    Maybe a selection of street stories could be included as well.

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